Choosing a Reputable Piercer

Most professional tattooists and body piercers are aware of the potential risks involved in their procedures and take care to follow good infection control practices. It's important to go to a reputable piercer. There are many things that have to be carefully considered by the piercer including the right size jeweler, the right type of metal for different body parts, sterilization of equipment and correct positioning of the piercing using some knowledge of the human anatomy.

Ask around for names of reputable piercers. There are no legal regulations for the training of body piercers. This means that some piercers may not be well trained. They have varying degrees of formal training, experience, knowledge and skill.

Don't get just anyone to do it. Although piercers do not have "formal" training, a reputable piercer still has lots more knowledge than one of your friends doing your piercing at home.

Don't hesitate to ask:
Is all the equipment sterile? Equipment should be in new sterile packaging and then thrown out immediately after use or properly sterilized in an autoclave. An autoclave kills germs with ultra high temperatures.
Is a brand new sterile needle used for each customer?
Are fresh disposable latex gloves used for each customer?
Does the piercer have knowledge about the human anatomy and the location of various nerves etc, that lie beneath the skin and must be avoided?
Does the piercer give every customer information about proper aftercare of their piercing?

What is the piercer's knowledge about correct jewellery to be used? The jewellery must be the right gauge or thickness for the particular piercing as well as the right type of metal.

Have a look for yourself and make sure the place is clean.
The piercer should be clean, sober, helpful, knowledgeable and give you all the information you need to guide you through the experience.

Remember it is your right to choose a reputable piercer and to be given a quality service. If you are not happy with the attitude of the piercer, or the appearance of the business, don't be afraid to walk out, there are better places to choose from.