Interview with Michele Turco art | Piacenza, Italy  11/05/2011  

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I started tattooing when I was 18 years old, now I’m 40. I’ve dedicated all my life in tattooing, and when I look in the past, I see great goals, and now I’m satisfied!

Q: Seems like you are passionate in doing color tattoos. Do you consider this type of work as your specialty?
A: Yes, I prefer colors, it satisfy me more, and they’re more adapt to the kind of tattoo I execute, I’ve tattooed for years in black and white, obtain in good results, but I can express better my self with colors!

Q: What is most difficult in doing color tattoos?
A: I work with photographs, the most difficult thing is to use the same tones colors of the images. Working with photographs, the colors must be the same, not darker or lighter, exactly the same.


Q: The portraits are maybe the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. Do you remember when the impression for this kind of work first began?
A: I’m emotive person. I love to help people remember their parents or friends that are missing. It excites me very much. I love to see their face every time, it gives me joy and pay me back for all the efforts I’ve done during the years! This is true not only for the parents that have missed, but also for those who ask me to do reproduction of their idols or heroes.


Q: In which designs you find most creative freedom?
A: Working with precise images, I’m not so free about the subject. I use my fantasies, using different themes and colors, always with the advice of my clients.


Q: Are you always the "main" creator in doing someone's tattoo?
A: Never. We give the advice, then we study together the way to satisfy every customer. We try to make every tattoo unique, personalizing it with the advice and the experience of the customer who wants a particular reproduction of a moment on his or her skin!

Q: What would be the "dream piece" to work on if someone completely let you choose the design?
A: One of the works I can’t execute yet is the portrait of Jim Carey in “The Mask”! I’m still waiting for someone who ask me this!! Or on arm with an E.T. theme!

Q: What is the most artistic creation you've ever done?
A: Everyone, every work is just like a masterpiece to me, I can’t choose only one!


Q: What are the changes you might like to do in the near feature?
A: I’m starting a new project: "the leaves" .They re present me very much, as they re present all of us: the leaves are changes. Spring, summer, autumn, winter and rebirth; the leaves are life. In spring we find the birth, a leave that is just born, fragile. During the summer the leave becomes strong, even if the wind blow, the leave will not fall. Then there’s the autumn, the colors change and fall with the wind and become weak. Then comes the winter, the leave detach from the branch and fall. Then there’s the rebirth, and it’s just like the change. Every pierce of my works will have leaves, just like a signature!


Q: What is your biggest inspiration?
A: I work with a photograph. I draw inspiration from everything I see, television, advertising, images on internet, posters. Everything that can give me an inspiration.

Q: To be a tattoo artist is a very creative, innovative, and inspiring work. Do you think that "you should be born for this" or the good and quality work comes from a lot of experience?
A: You are born to be a tattoo artist or not. The first is more soft, the second will be tattoo artist with strong and obstinacy, sacrificing everything just for can say I’ve done it!

 Q: Do you have any advice for the new artists?
A: Never give up! You have to believe and dedicate your self to this art. If you know you will give up, don’t start! You can find more info about Michele Turco on /
Some of his Awards : -Catwoman, X International Rome Tattoo Expo, 2° Place Best Colors
-Avatar, XV Milano Tattoo Convention, 1° Place Best Of Show
- Sea Reef, XII International Rome Tattoo Expo, 1° Place Best Colors

Thanks for the interview.
You're Welcome, Michele!