interview with Adam Lakimii | realism style | serbia |10/05/2019

Hello Adam Lakimii! Thanks for taking some time to answer some questions for our readers. I'm so glad to share some of my thoughts with you and hopefully our audience will learn from our conversation or just get inspired by your journey.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself and your work, your background and your journey to become a tattoo artist?
A: My name is Adam, I'm 28 years old from Belgrade Serbia. I was drawing and painting since I was kid. My first gallery show was when I was 7 years old. The journey to become a tattoo artist was never in plan, I never thought about it, it happen spontaneously, my friends bothred me with the idea, come on please, please for us, you draw so good, you will be good, and we collected money, and 4 years ago on 2n February 2014 I did my first tattoo, a letter D, I spent 5 h that day and lose about 5 kilos hahahahah

Q: Many young people are struggling to get apprenticeships. There's uncertainty that creates a frustration right in the beginning. Either there's no room in the studio, the cost is too much, or you are just not good enough to begin with. Is it possible for one aspiring artist to learn the basics just with constant hard work and some reference from either social media, videos etc?
A: Well to be honest, I my first year was working from home, for free, with no money for equipment. I never watched any videos or any stuff like that. My help was from 2-3 local artists that I know, small simple advices, I was close to quit tattooing, my family didn't support me, and I took my last chance and ask one of the grates man I ever meet, my best friend now, my creator, a man who changed my life, “Can I have chance in your studio“ he said yes, that day changed my life, now he is my godfather, his name is Slobodan Pepic, the man who taught me professional tattooing, opened my mind and my eyes. All that I did in my tattoo career is with help of his amazing teachings.

Q: I really love the fact that you can do all kinds of work. No matter is it color, black work, realism or not, any piece you did, looks absolutely breathtaking. Do you have any particular style you like the most?
A: Thanks a lot, I appreciate. Well I love tattoo realism, that is basically the only style I do, all aspects of realism. I don't think that I have my own style even that many people say I have. I think realism is simple, you have to do something what you see on a picture, even if that is a rose, portrait or any kind of photo, is what makes me happy, what I love to do, realism impress me since I was a child.

Q: I find the realistic tattoos as more remarkable designs... there's so much detail work done for sure. How much time do you spend on one back piece for example? Oh that lion piece, absolutely amazing!
A: Thanks, I love details, I love soft shading, I love big projects. Let's talk about that lion tattoo, when I started, I was very happy because almost every person wanted a lion tattoo. I've spent 6 sessions, each was around 4-5h, it was really fast. I did it in month and half, and as I see it now, I love it, that is my most shared work ever, I'm very proud.

Q: I bet your clients give you lots of creative freedom and trust since you are known for doing many different types of work. Do you negotiate with them on style, size, placement?
A: I'm so proud of my clients, let's say that in 95% of the time I have full freedom, in 99% they take my advice, if they want good work, they have to listen to their artist. Yes many times they come with some thematic image and go home with a completely different one :) I think it's really important how you present yourself in front of your clients. If they respect you as an artist, you respect them too, so both sides are happy.

Q: Are there any potential clients that don't know what they want? Do you still consider them or you give them some time and advise them come back later with some plan? Do you accept some reference images?
A: Many clients come and say to me "I don't know what I want, make me something you want", even when that sounds good, I hate it, but in the end we find something. I accept reference images, sometimes people want brother, mother, father who passed away, then I take it seriously and try to give them the best tattoo, I enjoy doing portrait tattoos.

Q: Do you look back on your old works and see the mistakes, maybe laugh a bit with pride for today's progress?
A: I look often, every day when I came home, I spent 1 h watching what I did, searching for mistakes. I think most of the artists are like this, we are almost never happy hahah ;)

Q: Are there any artists you look up to?
A: Yes, I'm inspired by many artists who do black & gray style, there are so many talented people, actually that is what push me forward, because in my opinion nobody will ever be the best. Art generally evolves every moment. If you take look at tattooing 30 years ago, do you think somebody would expect the things what artists are doing today? haha

Q: Any motivational words for those who are just starting?
A: Believe in yourself, experiment, ask, work, work and work, be free and don't look tattooing as good money, because then you will never grow up, tattooing is not just good work, tattooing is a LIFE STYLE.

Mr.Adam Lakimii, Thank you so much for the interview.
Kind regards,
The team