interview with Anali Shoshan De Laney Pennsylvania | 27/02/2017

Hello Anali De Laney! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself...

My name is Anali Shoshan De Laney. I'm 24 years old and I've been tattooing for 5 years. Tattooing is my whole life and I love it more and more every day.

Q: How has your tattoo journey started?
A: I started tattooing in New York. Shortly after I started a working apprenticeship under Javier Eastman in Norwalk Connecticut. Who is an amazing artist and was a great teacher to me! When I completed my time there I broke out on my own.

Q: What was the most challenging part while starting?
A: The tattoo industry is a wonderful world to be a part of but was SO daunting as a beginner. I think like most industries that are skill based, the most challenging thing was proving my worth. Tattooing has become so much more saturated in the past 10 years that most career artists looked down on me, understandably. So, I had to rise to the occasion and prove that I wanted to be there and that I would put in the time and work until I could be considered a peer.

Q: Being creative and talented isn't always enough. Tattooing is a technique that must be learned.
A: Incredibly! I, like most other tattooers, have been drawing & painting all my life. In my experience, tattooing is not like either one. Of course some aspects translate over but using completely different tools and working with a living breathing canvas is completely different and unbelievably challenging. Not only must you learn your machine and it's counterparts but you have to be conscious of the skin as well as the creative aspect, all at the same time! And you can make NO mistakes! Using both the mechanical and creative sides of the brain is a difficult but amazingly satisfying process.

Q: Draw, draw... Draw until your fingers hurt, haha some say. How much the drawing skills play a big role?
A: I love to draw! I think that understanding the fundamentals of still life drawings are the entire reason I am capable of recreating realistic images as tattoos. During the process of doing a realistic tattoo though, there is no drawing involved. That's why I like to implement my own drawings in combination with realism when I can!


Q: Realistic tattoos are something we can see mostly in your portfolio. Amazing color shades, brilliant highlights, all in a beautiful, super-realistic harmony of life, especially the flower designs- Would you consider this style as your specialty?
A: Well thank you very much!
I've always struggled with a personal "style". When I draw, each drawing is so drastically different and inconsistent. There was never a distinguishable style. That's why I was always drawn to still-life. Looking at something 3 dimensional and translating that into shapes and values always made more sense to me.

When I started tattooing in realism I realized that this style has always been something that felt right for me and that I did it better than any other style I attempted. I also believe that realism is the best foundation for every style. So, to answer your question, yes, I would consider this style my specialty!

Q: Your portrait tattoos are also very great, it almost like you see the people in front of you. How much of creativity, energy and time usually takes to finish a portrait?
A: Thank you! I am just starting to break into tattooing portraits. The Frida Kahlo portrait I did is my very first attempt at a full color portrait. Even though I am new to portraits I feel that every realistic tattoo I do is a portrait in a way as well. Approaching a tattoo in that style always takes a lot of work (contrary to popular belief). Being creative plays a big role in finding or creating the best and most unique reference photo as well as the exaggerations of colors/values for the best tattoo outcome. As far as energy and time, it always varies. Most every tattoo I do takes me many hours to complete and lots of mental energy (not to mention the back pain!)

- How much the contact with your customers and their energy affect you in your every-day life?
A: Well thank so much! The photos of me on my website were done by a friend (Kelly Schuler) who definitely got me to show some personality which is unusual for me to do on camera!

I have the best clients ever! I have met and tattooed so many wonderful, interesting, and unique people in the past few years! Some clients return so often that it's just like being with an old friend. You know what you're in for each session and become very comfortable with one another. They affect my life every single day!

As far as initial contact with new clients; My lovely assistant Nora handles the initial inquiry and scheduling process with them. She allows me to spend my free time working on upcoming designs instead of answering large volumes of emails. Because I am quite picky in what I chose to work on, she also helps make sure that I am always doing fun and interesting projects with people who are sure & dedicated.

Q: You also travel, tattoo conventions can be a great opportunity to meet great people and learn more about the tattoo industry today. Any upcoming events?
A: My travel schedule is INSANE for this year which is so exciting!! I'm doing guest spots as well as conventions and may add some more trips as time goes on.
Here it is so far:
-March: Guru Tattoo in San, Diego CA., Skindustry (Convention) in Bethlehem, PA., Inkology Tattoo & Art Gallery in NYC.,
-April: United Ink (Convention) NYC., Smilin Demons Tattoo in Mannheim Germany, Beauty & the Beast Tattoo in Holstebro Denmark
-June: La Machine Infernale in Tourcoing, France
-July: Titanic Tattoo Convention in Belfast Ireland, Inksane Tattoo studio in Athlone Ireland, Smilin Demons tattoo Germany

Q: Where are you located now?
A: I own my own private studio called Never More Tattooing Atelier in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
contact is through me directly

Tattoos by Anali De Laney
Tattoos by Anali De Laney. Indelible Artistry. Make an Appointment

- What's the procedure of getting an appointment and how much clients wait for their tattoo session?
My Schedule is booked 2 months at a time. Clients can email the 5th day of each month to inquire about booking for the following months. I am very particular about my scheduling process. I ask for a lot of information and only take on clients that interested in my preferred styles and are willing to give me artistic freedoms with their ideas.

Q: Any motivational words for the new artists?
A: Prove yourself! This industry is full of so many insanely talented artists that have worked VERY hard to get where they are. If you really want this you have to be willing to put absolutely everything you have into this life.
People are trusting you not only with their skin but their health! Be clean. And Always do a better tattoo than the last one you did.

Thanks again!
Anali S. De Laney