interview with Angelo Nicolella | realistic tattoo style 28/07/2014 

Hello Angelo Nicolella! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. You're a tattoo artist form Milan, Italy, dedicated in tattoo art for years. Your style really reminds me of tattoo masters such as Mike DeVries, Alex DePase... Really cool indeed. So I'm really honored for having the chance to share some of my thoughts with you. I hope my readers will enjoy reading our interview...

Let's start with some basic info...

Q: When you got interested in art?
A: I started to get interested in art at 20 years, I saw the paintings of Michael Hussar, I really liked his style because it’s very much like horror and realistic, and in 2010 I started tattooing.

Q: What kind of art interested you in the beginnings? Do you have any influences?
A: When I start tattooing, I liked very much the Japanese and cartoon style, but when I first saw the art of Dmitriy Samohin and his art I was impressed of what it is possible to do on skin... My influences come from the great artists of east Europe Italy and America, for example: Dmitriy Samohin, Den Yakovlev, Alex De Pase, Nikko Hurtado, these artists give me a lot inspiration and they are my Idols :) :)

Q: Being talented is a gift but talent usually is not enough, how did you learn the basic tattoo skills? Did you apprentice?
A: NO, I learned everything by myself, studying, watching dvd’s and internet, watching the tattoo artists at conventions. I never apprenticed at any studio. I always thought that there is a gift inside but I didn’t realize it until 2010, it’s big surprise all of this hehehehe

Q: Would you say that photo-realistic tattoos are something you most relate to? Like a personal style? They all look amazing!
A: Thank you so much for the compliments :) I discovered that style two years ago and immediately I felt it very natural to do it, I love realism I think it’s my preferred style, color and black and grey.

Q: Would you try something completely different in the near feature?
A: I like to play with different styles, I think it is also a good training for me to maintain a good hand for lines and to do other styles too :) In my shop lots of clients ask me for different styles everything from letters too big portraits, Maori and cartoons.

Q: Tell me about the making process.
A: Many times the clients bring me photos that are not good for tattoos, but I take the photo in photoshop and I try to do a better photo. I imagine right away how it should be when it’s finished on the skin, I already know looking at the skin of the client if I have to use much color or lees color, depends of the skin, to have the tattoo most beautiful when it’s healed.

Q: Love the colors that you use, do you have any special preferences when it comes to tattoo inks?
A: I use Intenze, for the are the best colors, because when the tattoo is healed it remains beautiful and the color remains strong :) I buy tattoo supplies from many different brands, I don’t have any preferences, except for the colors.


Q: Looking at your tattoo masterpieces, makes me wanna get a tattoo! How long usually takes to get an appointment?
A: Thank you :) It takes around 4 months, not too long :) because I opened my shop 1 year ago :) :)

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: Yes I have many hobbies, I like to play basketball, I love to play my guitar, I love to travel work related but also for relax and fun hehehe, I like to see orchestras musical, theater, opera, the world of tattoos takes away a lot of your concentration, but it's also important to have the time to relax your body and mind :)

Q: In a few words... Your daily motivation?
A: Everyday when I wake up and go to work, I always try to give something more then yesterday, try to get better as an artist and grow.

Q: What is the best thing you've learned during your tattoo journey?
A: Always stay with your feet on the ground, always be humble and always remember where it all started.

Q: Any motivational words for the new artists?
A: First of all tattooing is a passion, there is no point to start tattooing if you think only for making money, always have respect for the skin of your client take your time, don’t do something that is bigger than you and your skills, listen the advice given from artists with more experience and always use approved equipment.

Thank you so much for this interview, I'm honored that you have choose me for this interview many many many thanks :):) :) Cheers from Italy :) :)

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