Interview with Mr. Blob | digital art & graffiti design 31/10 /2012  


Q: How long are you into graffiti? What made you to become a graffiti artist?
A: I’m a painter since I was 14 then 10 years, thanks to the friends who followed the hip hop culture then the 4 disciplines MCing, DJing, Breaking and Writing. All this fascinated me so much and with a friend who practiced writing I became fond of this discipline and I began my journey with graffiti.

Q: Why graffiti? Do you consider graffiti art as a self-expression?
A: Because for me it is one of the best ways to express myself. Make visible to all my messages. Ten years ago we held the post in the second floor because the first goal was to go out at night full of adrenaline and equipped with a hood to break the rules as a form of rebellion, leaving his mark around the city.

Q: I bet you really love your work. What's your biggest inspiration?
A: Inspiration is something inexplicable because it attacks me in many moments of the day. I just see something that gives me an idea and I already feel inspired to achieve it. For example now, as you say, I would be more inclined to draw my answers instead of writing them. However it is usually just a quiet night, some music, some beer, cigarettes and many, many, many colors.

Q: There are lots of graffiti artists around the world. Do you have any role models or people you simply admire?
A: Honestly, I admire all the artists who make art with passion. Art is a fleeting thing, and as such, the task of the artist. I admire those who, like me, in their own way to interpret what they have inside. Have a unique style means to be recognized by lovers of graffiti and beyond. I admire artists like Banksy international, but also Italian artists such as Erica Il Cane.

Q: You have a pretty cool style. How has you work developed over the years of experience?
A: I began to trace the outline of my style over the last three years. Before I experienced technical, created different types of characters, I did the portrait for several months, I ran 3D lettering works, from which I acquired the skills of perspective and shading. I can say that during my journey in the past I have never focused on a specific style like in this period of my life. It is said, however, that over the years has not changed yet.



Q: Funny Characters, random mix of colorful stories in almost every design. Is there any particular message that viewers should see/read or It's just for fun?
A: For me, all my works must necessarily contain a message otherwise it makes no sense for me to do something does not send people to what I want to express. My art is represented by the beauty, funny faces, funny and not only that, it pushes a way to challenge, playing down the strong issues nowadays we are living. With bright colors and characters that border on realism, narrative facts, stories and moods around me.

Q: How much does the character design help you to express your own personal opinions, stories? Why did you choose the character design as your main creative line?
A: With this style I feel free to express my opinions about a variety of topics, some with a real protest, without being able to look like an artist who wants to work with its policy. Let me explain my art often talk about things that in this era do not go in the right direction here in Italy, and to a work that contrasts all this, I still use bright colors, smiling characters, scenes and more than ironic, with the aim of attracting more people. The irony is my strong point, I just need the black for shades, my works are colorful even when dealing with sad things or wrong.


Q: Looking at your art world makes me feel like I'm part of the story. Love, aggression, compassion so many emotions that actually describes the human nature. There is also a bit of a surreal note too.  Would you say that this type of work is your specialty, something that you find yourself the most? Or maybe, you would love to work on something very different some day?
A:  My art is not only developed on the walls of the city, but also on canvases of different sizes. I can tell you that when I have a large surface area available to fill it with my favorite works that best represent my state of mind at that moment or that best represent the theme that I intended to develop. For works on canvas instead realize the faces are much more realistic, because the brush allows me to make even the smallest detail without any difficulty. In fact, on these, I realize often just a person, and if in the event that should make something bigger, simply add other paintings. Then I can tell you that my style is well defined with regard to the world of writing, but which is detached from my skills as a painter. They are very versatile, and who knows, as I said before, it may be that over the years, everything changes again.


Q: Can you tell me about the making process? Do you have a sketchbook?
A: The decision making process starts from several sleepless nights, joke! In fact everything is born from a brainstorming session that lasts a couple of days, which often leads me to make several sketches estimates. Once I figured out what I want to achieve I start by drawing a sketch that best represents what I have in mind. From this then the work will come to life. Often these sketches are real works, as the care with which they realize is really detailed, so much so that I began to create a portfolio where private preserve.

Q: Seems like you love to work on many different mediums. From graffiti art to custom made paintings on canvas. Awesome!! Which one is your favorite, where do you find most creative freedom?
A: Absolutely the wall. Started out as a writer, or have become better writer when I was a kid, but looking further back in time I realized from an early drawings and portraits in pencil. On the canvas give life to my characters in a confined space, well defined, within limits that can not be overcome, just think that a work must be carried out within the limits of the size of the canvas and once finished it will never be seen by an unlimited number of people, if not part of some international shows and things like that. The wall did not, also has its limits outlined but not tight, it can be seen by many people, even from passers-by. Can be photographed, admired, despised, destroyed (although it is hoped that it never happens!). is visible to all, without any restriction thereof, and as I said it makes me express the best of my abilities.

Q: It's probably not possible to choose but do you have an ideal painting experience?
A: Good question! You do not know how many night missions I'd like to go for. But what I'd like most would be to produce works of impressive size in the most important elements of any European city and not...Do you know a giant puppet of Queen Elizabeth on the wall of Backingham Palace, or a giant baguette on the sides of the Champs-Élysées ... and things like that, all surrounded by the presence of beer, my girlfriend and best accomplice, and a few trusted friend who can help in the mission.

Q: Any particular artists you would like to work with?
A: The collaborations in the field of writing are much more feasible than in other forms of visual arts. Being on the side of an artist of the highest reputation is not something impossible, because dividing space on a wall is very different from that split on a canvas. I get excited when a work is well done and especially when this represents me in some way. I do not have a precise artist with whom I like to work, because in the world of writing you never stop learning and therefore any kind of collaboration bears fruit whether this is carried out with artists or not. It 'also certain that I would not mind being at the side of famous names and receive compliments from them, but who I will say that this has not already happened!?

Q: Nowadays, there are a lot of art mediums that help people to express their creativity. How much street art can make an impact on the society?
A: I can say that in 2012 the street art had a great importance in modern society. Many artists have been reassessed. The works are no longer viewed as mere scribbles. Different brands of street wear now use the street art for their slogan. Cultural institutions and associations are calling more and more competitions to give an opportunity for artists to legally paint on the walls citizens. Art exhibitions and street art picture on depopulate the world. Even in churches there is demand for works to be carried out with spray. Now the street art, one made for good, is no longer seen as a form of vandalism and many artists can have the opportunity to live only through their art.

Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: From my art I have learned to be humble, not to believe to be the best and have already learned how to do everything. I did not stop to talk with other writers, and to congratulate those who truly deserves even if it is a boy novice. I learned not to trust me more than anyone, to collect the shots when I do not pass the challenges. I learned to rejoice even when I turned out to be the latter and not the winner. I learned to say thank you when a passerby makes me compliments and stop to chat with him. I learned that you never stop learning and in life as well as in writing.

Q: Do you have any advice for the new artists?
A: Never stop. Do not get down from the obstacles and those who will tell you not to live up to. Do not feel lower than them. Feel yourself. Experience all that you should to find the right path that is right for you. But above all, stay humble so that each compliment makes you shudder as if it were the first.

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