graffiti | art | Interview with Cisco Ksl by Iva Kancheska 16/01/2012  

Hello Cisco! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for readers. Please start by telling us a little about yourself, and how you got into graffiti...

Q: What made you to become an artist?
A: I think the art is a restlessness. I've been always interested in painting, illustration, comic, music... I grew up in a very creative family culturally. I used to visit many expositions, museums since I was a child.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration?
A: Graphically, my inspiration is the photography, old illustration, traditional tattoo, c-mic, music... Everything seem to be a great inspiration for sketching.
Q: To be a creative person means to be open minder, educated, fun, well balanced etc. At least for me... What is creativity for you?
A: It is a necessity!


Q: Your style is very colorful and it reminds me of cartoons, which is so inspiring. Do you find this type of work as your specialty or a style you most enjoy?
A: It is the style that I like. But I enjoy with other works too.


Q: You work on many different mediums such as digital art, print, graffiti, canvas... What is your favorite medium? In which one you find most creative freedom?
A: Yes, on graffiti, and my paintings or drawings on paper is my real style. I'm free for paint my style. No conditions. On tattoo or others works, I adapt to the client. I can rarely express the same.

Q: How much time was necessary to develop your skills to this great level?
A: I've been drawing all my life. Three years a go I concreted my work a bit more. But, the art evolution is every day for me.

Q: Do you work on custom paintings for sale?
A: Yes, I paint graffiti and canvas for order. And I sell my personal work on galleries , or direct contact.

Q: How long have you been into graffiti? What style is your favorite?
A: I started in 1997. But not regular activity. ON 2007 I started new to paint graffiti. I love the characters!


Q: Any favorite project you've been doing lately?
A: I'm very happy with the last paints on paper. I think is a good road I struggled to find.


Q: What are the most interesting experiences with the customers?
A: When the client trust in you. And I have a free style! Is good plan. But now, is causality.

Q: Since your style is well-defined, have you ever thought to change it and start doing something completely different?
A: No, I struggle every day to create my style. Is difficult. On work I adapt to client, and is when I change styles, on the tattoo or graffiti.


Q: Do you have any advice for the beginners?
A: Work, work ,work ;)

Q: What are you feature plans? Things that you would like to do and have not done yet?
A: I like to travel in other countries I cities. To work, painting or exposing them.


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