Interview with Dmitriy Samohin

 Hello Dmitriy Samohin! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Please start by telling us something about yourself and your background. How it all started? I decided to become a tattoo artist during my time in the army. It happened one day when I was going through a tattoo magazine and that is where the interest for tattooing hit me.

Q: Your tattoo style is amazing. How long took you to learn the basics?
A: I've been tattooing for over 10 years now. I gain more experience every day and as the years go by it allows me to experiment in different areas. The variety in designs given by my clients help me to learn more and grow. I grow and gain knowledge every day. I also love to paint and that gives me many new ideas for tattooing.

Q: Some people say that it is possible to be self though artist. What are your thoughts? What is the best way to learn?
A: I am a self taught artist, so I agree. However, I speak for myself, not for all artists. For me the best school is experience. And I am blessed as I tattoo on a daily basis. Looking at fellow artists' work and reading also help me grow.

Q: Most tattoos in your portfolio are color tattoos. Do you prefer color tattooing?
A: I like to do color tattoos and the more complicated it is, the more I enjoy it. Black and grey is nice as well. Certain designs look better in color, some do better in black and gray. I can do many styles, but color might be my favorite.



Q: The portraits are my favorite designs in your portfolio.
A: Portraits are fascinating. And for me it’s all about the eyes, the expression. It’s like in our daily life, where the eyes reveal everything. I like to express that reality in my portraits as well. Portraits can be complicated, so it is more interesting to do these tattoos. I want to capture the expression, the person, the mood…

Q: Seems like there is 3D work in some of them, correct me if I'm wrong
A: I assume that is true, but that is not always done with the intention of having that effect. At times I have a picture where the 3D effect is in it from the start, so I just recreate what I see, what everyone can see. And of course, if I have the freedom to create my own design, with different elements, I will try to create an image with depth and layers. To me that is more appealing, the clients also like it.


 Q: What ink brands do you prefer?
A: I always use Intenze Ink. I absolutely love this brand. They have a great variety of colors and they cool really cool on skin. I have never had a client complain about the results of this ink on their body. Everyone tells me how beautiful the colors are and that the ink lasts.

Q: Are you always the "main designer" or you have super creative clients?
A: It happens, but I prefer to work on the design with my clients. Always make sure we are on the same page about the design. This is their body, their life and I give much importance in respecting each person's desires.

Q: Do you have any "dream piece" ?
A: I am still working on a few projects, all of them are nice ones, none of them are any more special or better then another.

Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you learned from your journey?
A: I had many great experiences and each gave me value. The good thing is, I know there will be many more great experiences to come and I am looking forward

Q: What's your advice for the new artists?
A: Never stop learning, follow your dreams.

Q: Any feature plans?
A: I wish to travel with my wife and go to many different places. Work more. Meet great people and fellow artists.