art Interview with Ernesto Nave by Iva Kancheska 21/12/2011  

Q: What made you to become an artist?
A: I started drawing when I was very young. Whenever I saw a cool cartoon or action figure I wanted to drew them because that would be the closest thing to an action figure without having to buy it.

Q: What kind of art interested you at the time?
A: Cartoons, He-Man, Transformers, Ninja Turtles

Q: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
A: I'd have to say my biggest inspiration is anyone with passion and motivation that pursues their artistic endeavors. As far as artists go, Dan Dos Santos, Iain Mccaig, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Mark Ryden, Norman Rockwell, Dali, Michaelangelo.


Q: Your style is very colorful and it reminds me of cartoons, which is really inspiring. Do you find this type of style as your specialty or a style you most enjoy?
A: I find my artwork as a learning experience, and I enjoy the process very much.

Q: How has your work developed over the years of experience?
A: My work has changed through the years because I am constantly learning, and I always try to improve and seek knowledge and perspectives that I am unfamiliar with.

Q: You work on many art mediums. From digital art, canvas to tattooing. What's your favorite medium?
A: I enjoy painting the most. There's a little more forgiveness in it than tattooing. I love to paint women in fantastical situations and environments. It is always nice to juxtapose something of this world with something alien.


Q: How much time was necessary for you to develop your skills to this great level?
A: I am still developing, and to answer that question I guess all my life. Whatever "skill" level I fall in, I have been placed where the sum of my experiences has taken me.

Q: As an artist... Do you get caught up in the meaning of your paintings or tattoos, or do you keep that separate?
A: It really depends on the client. I most enjoy tattooing monkeys and aliens in the cosmos. I don't have a single message, I like my pieces to be ambiguous, and whatever the reader can infer from it is the meaning.


Q: What can you say that customers like the most in your work?
A: I guess my color work seems to stand out, and my color choices.

Q: What reaction makes you happiest?
A: Seeing them come back for more, and the more they return the more freedom they give me.

Q: Are you always the "main creator" in doing someone's tattoo, a painting or some digital design? 
A: Not always, but I tend to push them in a direction where it becomes a fun tattoo for me. As far as paintings go, those are for me, I guess the main goal is to one day tattoo my paintings.


Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned from you long art journey?
A: There is no such a thing as talent, only hard work and deep practice.

Q: Do you have any advice for the beginners?
A: Never stop learning, and put your hours in. The more you practice tattooing, painting, drawing, you can't get any worse, only better.

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