graffiti | art | interview with Georgi Dimitrov | Erase 26/01/2015 

Hello Georgi Dimitrov aka Erase! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. Please start by telling us something about yourself, how you got interested in art?

Q: Since when the fascination for graffiti art first began?
A: I started doing graffiti back in 2000.

Q: Your style is very unique, I love the fact that you love to put some crazy details in every piece. How would you describe your style in a few words?
A: It’s a little bit hard to summarize all that I am doing, but I would say - a fresh dose of positive energy that one can take in a visual contact with some of my paintings.

Q: How has your style developed over the years of experience?
A: Over the years, I went through many metamorphoses and many experiments in different styles, which helped me to combine the best of what I have learned in what I do at this stage. Definitely the painting of a variety of fun and sexy characters is the thing I like the most, but I try not to limit myself with this.

Q: Tell me more about the creative process, do you first draw a bunch of sketches and then paint on walls?
A: Years ago, when I had no experience, I always tried to be well prepared with the idea that I want to accomplish before I stand up against the wall, but with time and experience gained you learn how to act according to the situation and experiment in the process. Thus you don’t put limits to yourself in the frames of the original idea and you never know what the final result will be.


Q: Would you say graffiti art is a form of self-expression? Do you feel powerful as an artist to bring some message to the people or you just simply enjoy painting?
A: Yes, I certainly think that the graffiti itself can be a form of protest or carry another provocative form to society. For example, there are artists who show anti-political vision and affect a lot of themes and issues with them. But in my graffiti there are no such deep and hidden messages or protest forms. I just do what I like and have fun.

Q: Graffiti artists love to travel a lot and discover new, cool places to paint, do you travel a lot? How do you pick your locations?
A: In the last couple of years, travels and calls for many different festivals around the world getting more frequent and this is a wonderful reason to be able to travel and meet many different Artists from all around the world. In most cases, destinations depends on the invitation we receive.

- Any favorite place you would love to put some of your crazy artworks on wall?
Тhere are too many places where I would like to draw and paint, and at this stage I like to go to all the countries in which I’ve never been.

Q: You're from Bulgaria, how much your country loves graffiti art?
A: Yes, I am from Bulgaria and unfortunately the people here still believe that graffiti are all political and football slogans scrawled on residential buildings, but of course there are people who like this art and it’s getting used more often for advertising purposes. It’s clear to see that, there is a downfall in the graffiti scene in the recent years in overall aspect, but there are a few remaining artists who are trying to do their best and push the things forward.

Q: Painting everywhere is impossible, since the laws are so harsh, have you ever been caught by the cops? haha What are some of the craziest experiences while painting?
A: Yes, in the early years we had small confrontations with the police, but many years have passed and we turned our back on the illegal painting and we are fully focused on the professional development as artists. Honestly when your art is on the streets there are too many strange and funny situations and that’s why now it's a little difficult to point out one particular.

Q: What are some of your plans for the near feature?
A: My next plan is concentrated in the next 5 minutes and it is to eat something sweet, after that only time will tell.

Hahahah, and for the last...

Q: Any words for the new kids?
A: To have patience and to use their free time to draw more sketches, that's the way to success. Also always use masks when you paint with sprays, no matter whether it is in outdoor or an indoor space. And everyone else - make Art not war.

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