Interview with GoddoG | graffiti & digital art design 25/09/2012

Q: How long are you into graffiti? What made you to become a graffiti artist?
A: I do graffiti for almost ten years, but I only paint under the pseudonym GoddoG 4 years. I started graffiti just by chance, I loved
drawing... Then one day my friend introduced me Wokone this practice, once I catch the virus ... Since then, I have not stopped painting.

Q: Some people say that it is possible to be self though artist. What are your thoughts about this? Did you attend fine art school?
A: I learned to paint with my friends, I've never been to an art school. I think my style has improved over time without necessarily having to leave school. School Street is a very good school. I am 100% self taught.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: My paintings are colorful mysterious creatures, all curves and sometimes wearing fur... I applied to work up the material of my creatures, their textures are often precise and meticulous. The idea is really aback the public "r-awakening" their imagination and inner child. I like to compare my work with the urban world to make it more attractive and fantastic.

Q: How has you style developed through the years? Can you describe differing influences that you've had that have informed your style through particular periods in your painting career?
A: Over time, I knew what I liked and what I did not, I was tired of writing letters suddenly I'm more interested in creating a character that could evolve over time . Many artists have influenced me ... I think particularly Herbert Baglione, the Gemeos, Amose ... But also, Charles Burns, Basquiat, Klimt, Bacon ... in fact, there are a lot! But I think what influenced me the most are the trips that I have done in Asia or India. After that, I also got very interested in tribal cultures of South America or Africa. I like a lot of different paints graffiti Argentine, Peruvian or Mexican.

Q: Can you tell me about the making process? Do you use a sketchbook?
A: I mainly use a sketchbook that allows me to draw a little anywhere. On the train, plane, bus! Then, I paint the picture that I like the most on a wall.

Q: Is there any message in your designs?
A: There really is no message in my paintings. I'm trying to create a maximum of emotions more than a message. It's not that I have nothing to say It's just that I apply more to surprise the audience and especially to try to bring back the child's soul. After that, there would necessarily possible interpretation, but I prefer to leave it to viewers to my creations.

Q: Some of your amazing works are collaboration with your friends. Would you say that the team work helps you to get inspired and maybe get your adrenaline to the next level?
A: I love painting with other people because often the results are interesting. It allows you to change your style and your future ideas. I love to paint with my friend "Pablito Zago" because we have a similar style and technique. But I also like painting with another person who does not have the same style as me. I think of a particular buddy "Densoner." It is interesting to paint with him because our style is really opposite, suddenly the result is often hilarious.

Q: Any other artists you would like to work with?
A: I'd like to paint with the Peruvian DA2C, Jade and his friends. Otherwise, I also really like the style Cranio Reka or. Finally, there
is a lot that I would like to make a painting! ;)

Q: It's probably not possible to choose but do you have an ideal painting experience?
A: I do not have a lot of crazy stories with the police because today I paint mainly in abandoned places. By cons, lately I'm going to paint with a guy (I won't say his name, he will recognize) in one of its abandoned factories, and arriving at the wall, the guy started to slip because he did not damaging his clothes with paint ... I find it rather unlikely and very funny.

Q: Since your style is well defined, have you ever thought to make some changes and start doing something different?
A: Yes, it is possible that I will work on something different ... Maybe less figurative and more abstract. I also like very geometric paintings. I think it is important to renew and do different things, but keeping a visual identity that belongs to you.

Q: I saw some of your amazing t-shirt designs. Do you also work on custom designs for sale? If so, please share some of your experiences.
A: Once a year, I make a few t-shirts. I often reproduce visuals that I like and that I have not done painting. I love the screen, but I do not have the hardware of a sudden I am not often.


Q: Do you still enjoy painting as much now, or do you feel jaded at all, do you still have the enthusiasm?
A: I've never been more motivated than now. For me painting is a true addiction. If I do not paint I began to be uncomfortable, see unbearable. So, for the welfare of my family, I paint! ;)

Q: Are there any particular goals you'd like to achieve in your career?
A: This year, I would love to do a project fa├žade. I hope to make a big painting on a huge wall. Otherwise, continue painting with my friends and especially to travel across the world and meet graffiti artists to paint with them and share our vision of painting.

Q: Do you have any advice for the new artists? Please feel free to share your website.
A: Make yourself happy, do not bullshit with what people think of your creations and keep fire!

Thanks, God doG