interview with Hilary Heffron | Hilarious Delusions | Design 08/02/2016

Hello Hilary Heffron! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. It's always a pleasure to talk with enthusiastic and creative people like you. It's almost impossible to be bored while looking at your portfolio. Every artwork is a masterpiece! Something that I really like about you as an artist, is your ability to pay special attention to the details, that make every artwork so special.

Q: Are you a graphic designer, What's your background?
A: I'm actually an English Lit grad, and am currently finishing my Masters degree in Creative Writing. Writing is my first love and an art in its own right, but if anyone had told me I would be designing fan art as a graphic artist for a living, I would've pegged them as crazy!

Q: Having the talent is a blast for sure, but it takes a lot more than just a talent to build a professional portfolio. I think dedication is the key. How long are you into graphic arts?
A: I've been interested in many forms of art all throughout my life, and there's an artistic aspect in everything I do; however, I have only been on the graphic arts scene for three years or so. Like many introverted artists, I'm deathly shy and terribly critical of my own work. I still struggle with sharing my designs with the web because I only see every little mistake and imperfection of a piece as opposed to the artistic process as a whole.

Q: Portraits seem to be your specialty. Every portrait has a bit of unique expression that describe the person's character. What details you find as most challenging?
A: I love working with the eyes of a subject because they can convey so much! I try to capture, as you said, a unique expression or signifying detail in each portrait because, you know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words! This definitely applies to my 'Inked: Gang of Thrones' portrait series. I take countless hours to research, find, alter, create, etc. and conjure up every tattoo that goes on to a specific character. I love the reactions of fans and friends when they spot the smallest tattoo and instantly recognize the significance and how it correlates to the character. That's the pay off for me right there!

Q: Lovely color mix is something that makes your art style so special. How do you came up with ideas? Let's just not forget the fact that you also put some fantasy note in almost every design.
A: Like any artist, I take inspiration from my surroundings, from personal interests, and from art and artists in all forms. I'm a firm believer that everyone you meet can teach you something you never knew before. The fantasy aspect plays into my work because I am a total nerd and proud of it! The surreal, the magical, the mystical, and the fantastical fascinate me. Being open to fantasy allows for more avenues to venture down.

Q: Story teller, Fantasy Fanatic, Tell me more about this :)
A: I'm a total fantasy geek and dreamer! I actually started writing fantasy novels when I was young, about 11-13, and I haven't stopped since. Writing is a longer process, and can take many years before a work is finished and on the shelves. I originally started drawing, coloring, painting, crafting and creating like any young child, and soon found it was an outlet for me and form of relaxation. Only the last few years have I shared my designs with the world. It's certainly scary, and there's always room for critics and haters, but overall, sharing art is an intimate experience that is highly gratifying.

Q: Many famous people as well as well-know cartoon, tv characters are part of your portfolio, do you have any favorite?
A: That's like asking who your favorite child is! LOL So I guess I'm a bad parent in that I do have a few favorites. Eva Green is one of my go-to models of choice when I'm stuck in a rut or trying out some new styles - she has very expressive eyes, a calm about her, and conveys a vintage Hollywood starlet vibe that allows for so many renditions! Another favorite would be Natalie Dormer. Besides her trademark smirk, she has taken part in some beautiful photo shoots that are art in their own right, and they are highly inspiring when I'm looking for a muse. I'm biased toward my Game of Thrones cast, too, and you can often see Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) featured in my works.

Q: Being creative makes life so fun and it makes a person so explosive with new challenges and ideas not just for their art world but for the every day life too. Have you thought about working on a comic book with your own characters? That would be awesome!
A: I've written novels with my own characters, does that count? LOL Creative I may be, but I'm as shy as they come. I'm certainly not explosive or bold in my daily life! I am the caretaker for my disabled father, and battle with medical issues of my own, along with going to school and trying to run a graphic design business. I still think it surprises people who know me in real life because my art is NOTHING like how I come across in person. I think that just speaks to how much of an outlet and a relief art can be - it allows us to share a part of ourselves that we may not have been able to otherwise.

Q: Do you work on customs for sale? If so, tell me how we can buy some of your prints?
A: I've taken on commissions before, and do the occasional one, but I mostly focus on general fan art and designs that can appeal to many. However, I'm always up for a challenge, and (life permitting) try to accommodate requests.

I do sell all of my art prints in my Etsy shop, and I post my designs to Twitter, Instagram, and my Facebook page!
Twitter & IG: @HilaryHeffron

Q: Do you have any other art hobbies such as painting on canvas, photography etc that help you to get some new ideas?
A: I'm definitely a paparazzi of life and tend to snap dozens of pictures of my dogs and family (which probably annoys them to death)! Besides that, I tend to take inspiration from my surroundings. I love to play with colors, textures, brushes and styles, and quite a few of my design series have been influenced by my rescue dogs or my nephews, or just seeing a billboard while driving down the street. Anything and everything can be inspiring if you just look at it in a new way.

Q: What is your message to the young talents, trying to make a career?
A: Keep your head in the clouds and never let your feet touch the ground! As with any expression of art or simple activity of life, there will always be someone to rain on your parade, and that's actually okay. The important thing to remember is to look for the one person whose day you made with your art and your passion. I'm terribly critical of myself, and have had more than my fair share of criticisms to the point I wanted to throw out my laptop and never attempt art again. There will be ups and downs and curve-balls and moments where it would be easier to curl up into a hole and hide from the world, but think of what makes you happy. If you're happy, others will be happy for you, and BECAUSE of you. Find what you love and let it define your spirit.

Thank you so much once again for the opportunity, I am truly honored. If you need any other information or just want to say "hi!" feel free to shoot me an email or a message anytime!

All the best,