Interview with iNo | graffiti & visual art | Athens, greece 13/12/2012

 Hello iNO! I'm very happy for having the chance to share some thoughts with you. When I first saw your artworks I was amazed! There is so much talent, sensuality, a real expression of the human nature!

Q: How long are you into graffiti? What made you to become a graffiti artist?
A: 12 years ago I made my first piece on a wall. We were high school students with only one purpose. To have fun. Graffiti was a way to communicate with a social group we were into.

Q: Why graffiti? Do you consider graffiti art as a self-expression?
A: Graffiti comes out directly from your mind. It has your style, Represents you and your ideas. It is YOU.

Q: Who are your influences, people you simply admire?
A: Artists I will always admire and I believe that influenced my works: Mc.Esher, Jenny Saville, Antoni Gaudi.

Q: How did you learn the drawing skills? Did you attend fine art school?
A: Art school does not give you skills. It helps you cultivate your perception and some technical issues. I studied fine arts but my spray can technique was born and raised in the streets.

Q: How has you work developed over the years of experience?
A: In the beginning there was a lot of letters & street-bombing but for 3 years i paused everything. Coming back the year 2008 I focused in the artistic side.

It seems like you are very inspired by the human nature. Maybe the most captivating designs are the eyes. We can read so many feelings from the eyes. To me, eyes are like a window of a human's soul.

Q: I can see a beautiful eye expression in almost every design. Is there any particular reason/message that people should read from your art?
A: In the past I have done some artwork without meaning in the effort to evolutes my technique. Nowadays there is always a forever changing message.

Q: The beauty of the woman's body is something that everyone could see in your art. So much sensuality! Real expression of a woman's feeling, at least to me. What would you say that your style gives a feminine note the most?
A: It is in my nature to be attracted by them. Imagine being a man in a world without women.

Q: Artists in the past centuries took woman's body as an example of a beauty, even Greeks in their mythology. Is there any particular type of women you love the most, or you have as your muse?
A: It's all about the curves.

Q: Can you tell me about the making process? Do you have a sketchbook?
A: In the beginning I make fast small sketches to record my ideas. After I choose one and I visualize how it could fit in the certain space. Some times I shoot pictures and I edit them but I prefer using my imagination.



Q: Seems like you love to work on different mediums. From graffiti art to custom made paintings on canvas. Awesome! Which one is your favorite, where do you find most creative freedom?
A: Abandoned factories without second thought, because there you are free to create on the beauty of destruction.

Q: Do you work on customs for sale? If so, please feel free to share with us some of your best experiences.
A: Yes, people send me emails through my website and ask me to decorate their walls or order canvases, even abroad.
My best experience was a painting outside a kindergarten, the little fellows made my mood with their funny comments and inquiring minds.

Q: It's probably not possible to choose but do you have an ideal painting experience?
A: It s like asking me to choose the ideal food between ice cream, spicy, appetizers, sweets etc. Impossible..


Q: Any particular artists you would like to work with?
A: Roger (DsF), Foe (Pme).

Q: Since your style is well-defined, have you ever thought to change it and start doing something different? Maybe working as a graphic designer etc?
A: I only think of how to develop it. Perhaps one day I change my mind. Never say never.

Q: Nowadays, there are a lot of art mediums that help people to express their creativity. How much street art can make an impact to the society?
A: Not many people go to art exhibitions. The power of Street Art is that exhibits in peoples everyday life.

Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: I realized the power of the.. "image".

Please feel free to share your feature plans and your website.
I am constantly working the evolution of my new mixed media technique for now on canvases. Simultaneously I'm in search of walls and places all over the world to spread my inspiration. Big up to Designwars team.

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