interview with Kevin Giangualano | BlackSkull Studio, Italy  30/08/2018


Q: How long have you been tattooing? What inspired you to start learning about this beautiful art form?
A: I have been tattooing for three years. I have already an artistic education and I approached the world of tattoos inspired by the works of Master Dmitriy Samohin.

Q: Was it hard to learn? What is your opinion about tattoo apprenticeship?
A: I think that in colored realistic tattoos it's difficult to recognize the color tones so that they can be reproduced on the skin faithfully. More generally I think that for the apprenticeship it's very important to follow with the advices of their own teachers and make a lot of practice.

Q: The last decade artists can pride themselves for being able to create realistic tattoos, that gave the tattooing a whole new concept of not just as a designer image but a highly skilled technique that many artists nowadays are trying to learn. It's innovative for sure. Color tattooing especially, as being said many times that color tattoos are a bit more challenging to do. What is your opinion on this?
A: I agree, when you make a realistic tattoo you can’t have a margin of error otherwise the risk is to losing the likelihood of the subject. Putting the colors in the skin is not like putting them on a sheet of paper, because in contact with it and especially in healing the final effect of the colors changes.

Q: What do you prefer color or black & white tattoos and why?
A: I prefer color because they have more visual impact and they allow me to learn always new things.

Q: Big tattoos such as sleeves and backpieces can take 4-5 sessions, that's a lot of hard work, patience, and pain for the client, but I believe after it's all done, it's a pleasure for both, you and the client, so it's worth it : ) How much these types of work give you the ability to really show off your skills? Even that small tattoos can be challenging and complex, but however, I think people still consider big tattoos as more of a challenge.
A: Honestly, I don't think that the size of a tattoo can bring out or not the skills of a tattoo artist. Certainly big tattoos have a certain effect on the viewer, but it's important to be able to take care of details even in small tattoos.

Q: In creating a portrait tattoo, doing the details such as eyes, hair etc I think the artist puts an extra energy to make it looks more "real" the eye expression is probably the most important, however, what are some of the most tricky details you find as "most" time consuming?
A: For me hair and beard.

 Q: I think nowadays, as we live in a so-called digital world of so much media, constant pressure for progress and competition, how do you cope with that? Do you have any artists you look up to?
A: I try to compete positively. I rather follow some artists because for me they are an example to follow and I try to learn from them as much as possible. In particular I follow Dmitriy Somohin, Sasha O'kharin and Ben Kaye.

Q: I can see many type of tattoo styles that you love doing, have you ever thought doing something completely different?
A: At the moment I prefer to concentrate and give my best in realistic style.

Q: Do you use other mediums such as painting, photography to get inspired?
A: No, I like looking for particularly challenging images and study calmly and carefully how to tattoo them.

Q: What would you say to someone who is planning to start tattooing? What is the best approach?
A: I would tell them to practice a lot and to work harder and harder to get better. It’s very important to be self-critical and it’s essential to learn from the

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Kevin Giangualano
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