Interview with Kobay KronikTattoo | istambul, turkey 03/01/2012  

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist? How long have you been tattooing?
A: I have met a few people who have been performing their art where I live. Since I saw their performance and art, I thought I may do better than them in the meanwhile. I have been performing my art as much as I can, since 2007.

Q: Do you have any artistic background?
A: First of all, thank you very much. However, I don’t have an artistic background and I have never had painting lessons.

Q: How has your work developed over the years?
A: Firstly, I have to say that I didn’t start tattooing under the name ‘street shop’ which is only for money issues. I have never sold my dreams for 5-10 dollars. I have only done the tattoos which I enjoy doing even I couldn’t earn enough money to pay my car’s installments. I have a vey competitive character and instead of choosing something hard I have chosen the hardest. If you are doing visual arts, I think that you have to use your imagination and reflect every bit of it on the skin. This is the area which I have focused my self-improvement on.

Q: What kind of tattoos you used to like the most at the time?
A: At the very beginning, I only used to like black and grey tattoos; but as I have “met” with colors, I realized that the reality of the tattoos may be reflected much better and I have focused on works with colors.

Q: What reaction from your customers makes you happiest?
A: The gestures, of the people , at the end of the tattoos vary from person to person. Everyone doesn’t give the same reaction; but, mainly the gestures are a mixture of astonishment, happiness and appreciation.


Q: Seem like all of your tattoo creations are custom made. What was the strangest request you ever had for a tattoo?
A: Yes, most of my creations are custom made; especially for the last 2 years, I have been only working on my own creations. I think the strangest tattoo requests I have ever had are for genital region and face. In my point of view, whatever the situation is, a tattoo should always look esthetical. However, on these body parts, tattoos will not look so. Therefore, I don’t do any tattoos on face and genital region.

Q: Artists always say that the "best client" is the one who will just sit and say " do it by your own rules". Do you have a full creative freedom in creating someone's tattoo?
A: I strongly agree with this. The “best client” is the one who trusts and respects his/her “doctor”. Make sure that this is the only expectation of the tattoo artists. I have had this nice feeling since last year. Most of my “clients” let me decide the every bit of their tattoo design. “Oh God!” I say. This is a very good opportunity for expressing myself.

Q: What would your "dream piece" be to work on if someone came and completely let you choose the design?
A: There are some requests like that but a tattoo is the reflection of a person and my dream piece is parallel to the energy of the person opposite me.

Q: Since your style is well-defined, have you ever thought to change it and start doing something completely different?
A: Actually, I don’t think that I have defined my style that well. As I have said before, I like realistic work but I sometimes want to try different styles just for fun. However, I want to have a dependent style and focus on that, which is realism.

 Q: What's your best motivational lesson for the beginners?
A: The tattoos are like a ‘Religion’ for me. When I do tattoos, I feel like I am worshipping. I hope their feelings on tattoos may stay very dense and naive. This is the only way they can be happy and successful.

Q: Your feature plans? Things that you would like to do and have not done yet?
A: At the very beginning, one of the most encouraging thoughts for me was to be a worldwide known artist in the future. Although I haven’t achieved this reputation yet, I realized that the most important thing is to give exact information to people for making tattoo art more popular. I may write a book on my experiences in the future, but it isn’t the time for something like that yet lol

You can find me on Facebook as Kobay KronikTattoo, thanks for the interview.