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Q: Since when you got interested in art? What kind of art interested you at the beginning?
A: I supposed I would have been about eight years old when I become interested in Dylan Dog comics (an Italian horror comic book), I adored the artwork. From there I progressed to admired the work of Luis Royo and H,R Giger as a teenager. I become very interested in fantasy and dark art , and began drawing my own comics in that style.

Q: Did you draw a lot as a kid or you find yourself as a very talented person?
A: I have been drawing ever since I can remember, people told me I was good from early age, I wasn't sure about that. but I carried on anyway .

Q: Having a talent is a blast, but being dedicated artist is a must! How long took you to develop your own style?
A: My style is just my style, if other people want to try and describe it that's fine, I just pick up a pen and draw whatever I have in my mind. It is constantly evolving and improving and hopefully always will.

Q: Every artist finds a way to express through their artworks. What would you say your art covers the most? Is there any special message you want to send to the viewers?
A: Some specific pieces have a message, in general they all reflect things that happen to me and how I'm feeling at the moment and also they reflect the horror and the beauty in the world around me.

Q: Strong, seductive women must be your inspiration, how do you see women in punk, alternative style?
A: I do like women in that style but only when they have a particular style that has their own personality stamped on it and not just copying a fashion. I find it easier to bring out their essence when I draw them if they are like this.

Q: A bit of horror note is always in the details. How would you connect this type of art with your personality?
A: I have been obsessed with horror movies and horror stories for most of my life to the point that I now see horror all around me even in everyday situations, maybe that makes me disturbed, I don't know!

Q: Gotta be honest, I really like your personal style. Tell me more about yourself, your clothing style and of course, your tattoo collection ;)
A: Well Thanks eheheh I never go anywhere without my black make up not even the supermarket it is part of me eheheh
My clothing comes from mostly high street stores and charity shops, I think that it is how you wear them and how you customise and accessories them that makes them a bit more interesting. I find most "alternative" clothing both too expensive and too cliched for my liking. I got a few tattoos on me, some are artworks of other artists that I love and some I design my self but my favorite is a caricature of my beautiful cat Punky by my favorite tattoo artist Shakey Pete from Cornwall... and I admit it was also the most painful!

Q: Do you have any role model from the movies?
A: It is not because I want to be a men but the person I most admire in movies is Vincent Price, he brought charm and charisma to every role he played. I love his character in the Dr.Phibes movies, that great love he had for his wife and cruel vengeful streak he had too, perfect combination don t you think?

My favorite movies are Evil Dead with the great Bruce Campbell and the Wicker Man with the amazing Christopher Lee, another actor I love in any role he played. I also really love Japanese horror movies, they are so sick and creepy!

Q: Working hard and trying to be creative every day, is not for everyone. How do you cheer up yourself when inspiration goes down?
A: Well my easy way is taking a break and go out, see friends and go to see a band or two, music is another great love in my life and I draw great inspiration from it!

Q: Tell me more about the making process, do you draw some sketches and then use some software?
A: Yes most of the time I sketch stuff on paper then scan it to the computer and transform it using Photoshop and MangaStudio 5 or sometimes if I'm in mood I just use traditional tools as acrylics, pencils and stuff like this.

Q: I've seen lots of great illustrators making a living of their art, doing clothing lines etc. Do you have any special career plans for the near feature?
A: Yes I have always dreamt to be a tattooist and I'm trying to find a tattoo apprentice ship at the moment, which isn't as easy as it sounds. At the moment I'm working on commissions and my own stuff to grow my portfolio.

Q: You're now based in London, UK, How is the alternative scene going on there?
A: Well London has a great history of alternative culture but a lot of it now still looks to the past rather then do anything new. But also a lot of venues have been closed so it is harder to find cool places to go to.

I have been here for seven years and I have seen a big decline in alternative scene over here plus now everyone can buy a lather jacket and pair of boots in the high street and think they are unique.

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