tattoo | interview with Liviu Ionut Bugeac | romania 09/04/2015

Hello Liviu Ionut Bugeac! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. It's a great pleasure having you here, because you have some really inspiring artworks, I guess you're just another example of a good, dedicated artist to many others. Let's start with some basic info...

Q: How you got into the world of tattooing? What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: I never wanted to be a tattoo artist, It all started from curiosity and later on it became passion.

Q: Do you have any favorite tattoo style?
A: I tried many styles, I find interesting things in all but my favorite remains the realistic black and grey style.

Q: Seeing different tattoo designs in your portfolio, makes me think that you enjoy working on every style, what designs are most difficult to work on?
A: I like challenges and I'm constantly ready to face them. Full color tattoos still remain a big challenge.

Q: What kind of art (outside tattooing) is your major creative source?
A: Drawings and paintings... all inspire me, places I've been, people.

Q: You're also a good drawer, how much the drawing skills play a big role when it comes tattooing?
A: Drawing helped me to develop my imagination and create original ideas.

- Do you draw for each client?
I only draw sketches for costumers who want to have my own art on their skin.

Q: Nowadays, people are more creative when it comes to tattoo designs, they really want something unusual.          How much time do you spend on drawing designs for your clients?
A: Sometimes I use sketches, sometimes photos and now I try to work more in digital programs to create more tattoo designs. It depends from design to design.

 - The longest tattoo session? :))
My longest tattoo session was around 10-11 hours. That was a small motorcycle, but very detailed.

Q: Where are you located now?
A: Now I work in Bucharest. The name of the studio is "Concept4you Tattoo"
Facebook/Concept4you Tattoo


- I guess it's hard to keep a busy schedule all the time. How long does it takes to get an appointment?
I think 2-3 months.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated? Is it possible to be creative all the time?
A: I want to work hard continuously, I want to progress more.

Q: Do you have any special career goals for the near feature?
A: Now all my time I dedicate for tattooing, The future...we'll see:)

Thank u for the interview.
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