interview with Lucia Sladeckova "Lucid Style" | modelig 11/03/2014

Q: You're very creative person. You work as a model, make up artist and hairstylist. What's the main reason you got into the field?
A: Hello to everyone! Thank you! I'm from Slovakia and I started with Lucid Style when I lived in the Czech republic and worked as an account manager for medical equipments, gynecology and laboratories. I started as a model a long time ago. I've got some attractive offers when I was thrown out of work because of my tattoos. haha

- Do you have any formal art training?
Of course, I studied – professional make-up artist in Prague, Czech Republic.

Q: To be a creative person could be little hard at times... What's your biggest inspiration?
A: My work is very hard at times. I work 7 days a week. My biggest inspiration are people who like my style and order my work like a make-up artist or on shootings. Another inspiration are women. I love the feeling of growing confidence after our meeting.

Q: You look gorgeous! What inspired you to get into modeling? How long do you work as a model?
A: Thank you again. Inspiration is the result. It pushes me forward. I meet interesting people which creates a new cooperation make-up artist and tattoo model. I started when I was 6 or 7 years old. I had quiet period in Slovakia, we have a lot of high beauty models, but I'm little bit lower figure. I've differentiate with my lifestyle! Now I'm 2 years tattoo and pin-up model.

- What are the current projects you're working on?
Currently working with the filming of the video clip for the group SlowFlow in the lead role as a pinup girl. Another project is barber shop and Gentleman´s world in Slovakia, vintage period joined us and we have a great bunch of people!!! Few days ago I had shooting for tattoo store Xtatic Wear from Austria, Refresher Slovakia and Lumines Beuty center with Adbee digital. About a month working on a collection with Varsity project Slovakia vs. Lucid style. I look forward! It is focused on pin-up and street style. This year is coming out the book of about interesting tattooed people where I was approached - on the publication, I am looking forward! I have very hectic period now, but I like it!

Q: Make up is your second passion as well as hair-styling. Do you also work on your own styling on set?
A: Make-up artist & hairstylist is my first passion. Yes! On shootings I do my make-up and hair by myself and styling too, but I get advice of course. A lot of clients leaving with elements of pin-up. Sometimes I accentuate hairstyle, sometimes I play with the face, but mostly the eyes.

- You look so feminine and sexy on the photos. Is there any beauty trick you do before a photo-shoot? haha
Haha Of course. I have ritual hahah, bath, nails, hair and all women's stuff.

Q: Pin up style is something that sets you apart from many other models. Do you feel inspired by the rockabilly period?
A: I follow every pin-up, rockabilly, blog and tattoo/make-up artist page. I like it!

Q: Probably the most feminine notes in your look are your long hair and your curves combined with an excellent tattoo collection. How did you achieved that look?
A: Hehe... I eat everything and every time when my fastidious tongue need. Long hair is the base I think. About my tattoo collection... I have too tattoers, Samuel and Adam from Delirium tattoo studio from Slovakia... they helped me with pics.

Q: How many tattoos do you have now?
A: I have all hand and picture on leg. I know that I would like to continue... something on my back side. My picture describe my personality, because I have there a picture of me. It's my logo and I have very strong memories on it. Other pictures are pin-up style. I have an idea about beard man from Edward Miller.. <3 Love his handwriting! We are in contact...

Q: As a hairstylist and make up artist... What women should improve in their style?
A: A lot of my clients would like to have photos in pin-up style, or they love my type of my work. I did a lot of vintage weddings. My recommendations are

Q: Seductive women must be a great inspiration for you, how do you choose your models for make up/hair-styling?
A: My favorite models are normal women, they are very very very thankful, but for shootings we cooperate with model agencies.

 Q: What's the sexiest women's secret? I guess, that's not just a gorgeous face and great body?
A: Hahah sexiest women's secret? Skittishness... more than men I think, but It's about the person emitting!

Q: Do you have any favorite photographers/artists you would love to collaborate in the near feature?
A: I like a lot of photographers and their work, also make-up artists. What I really wish is: work with foreign countries on larger/bigger projects, whether as a make-up artist or tattoo and pin-up model.

Q: So far, do you still enjoy your work? Would you change something?
A: I enjoy every day. Sometimes I'm little tired, because of the serials we have to get up very early, last time I woke up at 04:30 am... hheheh. I would like to change people's minds, a lot of people want my service for free.. ahhahah

Q: Anything that you're most proud of? Is there any trick that people should know in order to become successful?
A: I am proud of my job. Working two years as a make-up artist and recounts prestigious events. Participate in interesting projects and through tattoos, my style and handwriting coming next.

Thank you and open your mind.