interview with Maks Kornev | studio "Artefact" Russia 20/01/2016 

Hello Maks Kornev! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. It's always a pleasure to interview someone from Russia. Beautiful Russia is full with great, talented people. When it comes to you, you're know for your color works mostly and your tattoo realism style.

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I've enjoyed drawing, since my childhood. I didn't think about tattoos, I visited the tattoo convention in Saint Petersburg when was 20 years old and then I decided to become a tattoo artist.

Q: Being a creative kid in Russia (if not everywhere) can be little tricky, since many people will probably say that you can't make a living while working as an artist. What was the hardest part in getting in the tattoo scene? Did you have someone to teach you how to tattoo and support you while struggling to get your name out there?
A: Of course not all at once, I worked my main job and in my spare time I practiced tattooing. I had no teachers, no Internet, I just reached myself. Now everything is on the Internet, tattoo equipment, video lessons, whatever you want. The only thing that is not on the Internet is the desire to become better.

Q: You do almost all tattoo styles, do you have any favorite?
A: Not all styles. My main style is of course tattoo realism. Sometimes it's fun doing new school or cartoons.

Q: Your color work is impressive. Do you prefer color ink or?
A: Thank you. Of course color works are my priority, but there are interesting projects that I want to do just black and grey.

Q: I love the fact that you have a photo collection of "Photoshop Designs" where clients (perhaps) can choose a design from that collection for themselves, or at least those designs can be used as a basic idea for their tattoo. Can you tell me more about your Photoshop designs?
A: Yes. Simple ideas that can be used as a finish or as a basic for new projects. Now many artists use Photoshop to create designs. It is very difficult to create something new, individual, your style.

Q: I bet, working on a sleeve tattoo could take more than 1 sitting. How your clients react when you tell them that their full sleeve will be done in a few sessions, so they should wait, or they are super happy that the painful day is finally over and they can go home hahha And then to get ready for another "painful" day. :))
A: Large projects like legs, back, sleeves will take more than one session. Of course the location, size and sessions is something to discuss with the client. It does not create difficulties.


Q: No matter how long the tattoo session was, the happy client will forget the pain. What reaction from a client makes you happy?
A: Customer's feedback is only positive. When you see the result in the mirror. A long and painful sessions and energy on emotions only, but clients are always happy with the result. They return to me for new tattoos ))

Q: You're also an award-winning artist! Well done, well deserved Max! Do you have any favorite award?
A: Of course it's nice to get a prize on the conventions, it's an indicator of your level as a tattoo artist. Especially when there is a lot of competition.

Q: How much the awards keeps you forward in your career?
A: Now have 13 awards. Russia, Italy, Germany, USA. This is not the end.

Q: Where are you located now?
A: I live and work in St.Petersburg, Russia. Tattoo studio "Artefact"

Q: As a tattoo artist, what is something you should always look up to?
A: Love your work and strive to become better.