tattoo INTERVIEW WITH Marcello Cestra | Latina, Italy | 10/10/2016

Q: Please start by telling us something about yourself... What got you into the world of tattooing?
A: My interest of the tattoo world started exactly 10 years ago. What got me into this were, unfortunately various sports disappointments I had. I had a good chance to play football and everything was taking place smoothly when unfortunately an injury  has blocked my dreams, when I was 18 years. I say unfortunately because sometimes it all because ... What's the word? Sometimes life close a door, then opens a door. For me, it was just like that! But you should still want it. I've always been interested in drawing, and then I tried this way... I tried to make a small stream in a friend's house, small classes, nothing important... slowly I started to get this huge interest in tattooing and this joy that I had while I was doing it. Shortly after I met what is now a dear friend whom I respect and admire, that's ALEX DE PASE. It was always a point of reference for me. Especially when I was starting. I spent almost 5 years working at home, and in recent years I have unwittingly tattooed thousands of people, day after day requests increased... I switched from letter, written, the maori... and finally to what I do today. Especially the first customers had let me to understand that the style that I would have preferred. I think to date the realism in the tattoo world is one of the most common styles. But I think only a few manage to make a real impression at their jobs, especially those who do not COPY the work of another artist, it may happen once or twice ... not every day.

The portrait, and the decision to try to fill exactly one photography has always been my accomplishment and larger ambitions are still evolving. I believe an extreme difficulty in realistic tattoo and tattoo in general, create depth, that depth that remains for years and not just when the tattoo is healed. Leaving out those details that YOU HAVE NO MARGIN for ERROR, type, nose that has in my opinion a vital importance on a face, if you deform even slightly, the facial expression changes drastically.

In my opinion a REAL TATTOO ARTIST must know all the styles, I'm not saying I'm an experienced phenomenal in everything, but at least have some good techniques to be able to do all kinds of work, like Jeff Pillories a huge complete artist.

I'm developing my personal style to date, decided to call it Realistic Gold. This are overlap realistic tattoo symbols or subject with Golden details.

Where is located your studio? How much clients wait for their appointment?
My studio is located in Sabaudia in Latina province. A wonderful country with sea... What about ... a real gem. Today, 10 years have passed since I started and fortunately my hand is often recognized. I can give my impression, that brightness and beauty over time. My customers thank me even after varied time. Even those who come from far away. In this time I have developed exercising mind and concentration. I tattooed up to 12-13 consecutive hours without ever stopping. I know this may seem anomalous... but it isn't.

You can contact me on Facebook:

In all convention that I run I'm giving the demonstration. I sincerely thank every customer of mine that I choose because I already know that I cannot keep them happy, I'm just sorry that my waiting lists are very long, despite work from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 19:00. So for an appointment today, it takes little more than a year.

One piece of advice I can give to those who want to face this world: you must start now if you really have this passion and really want to be great, otherwise I think it's too late. There are many phenomenal artists as assets that have forged ahead tremendously. But surely nothing is impossible! Always be yourself because we are simply the artists... Maybe estimated. And then the force's own humility. COCKY is full of artists worldwide. I choose which artist can attend a convention It would be really very very conservatively. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO BELIEVE TO BE A GOD OR SHOW THEMSELVES FOR WHAT THEY AREN'T. Remember there is always someone who is better than us. That being said I thank you for your interview and I hope you continue to follow my work as you have always done.