interview with Mateusz Lisiewicz | realism  style | poland | 14/05/2019

Hello Mateusz Lisiewicz! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Let's hope we will inspire the people out there with our conversation and maybe some will get into this business too.

Q: How long have you been tattooing? Do you remember your first tattoo? If so, what was it? Who had the honor or I should say, who trusted you enough to get tattooed while you were just starting?
A: I've tattooing five years. I did my first tattoo at home on my friend, it was dirty soccer ball, he knows that this was a mistake and now he wants to cover up :P

Q: How did you learn the basics of tattooing? Did you have any mentors?
A: I started to practice in "Nekroskop" in Zielona Góra. I worked there with Aero and Nikson. Now I work with Nikson in Reinkarnacja :) From one year only watching, I learned about safety, drawing, cleaning the floor, how to prepare station and doing coffee. Now I'm making the best coffee ;)

Q: What was the most challenging part of becoming a tattoo artist and getting your name out there?
A: I don't think I have a big name. The hardest part for me was in the beginning, I needed more confidence in how to talk with customers. I was a very shy person.

Q: How much time took to gain confidence in yourself? Would you say that your talent played a huge part or it is all about consistent dedication and hard work?
A: To be more confident took me a long time, every day was stressful, I took it too seriously, now I have more fun with tattooing :)

Q: I don't see any color tattoos in your portfolio, but I love your black&white style so much. I like how you combine black and white ink, such a beautiful balance. How much is important to have knowledge of the ink itself, not just while tattooing, but even for the final result when the tattoo heals?
A: Thank you for the kind words :) My tattoos heal very easily, I don't have any problems with this. For me, is very important to work properly to not cut the skin. Normal plastic wrap only for one night, the next day only drying your tattoos, start creaming from the second night.

- Any recommendations for tattoo aftercare products?
I don't have sponsorship from this band but I love the Eazy tattoo cream :)

Q: There's no "undo" or "edit" option when it comes to tattooing, everything has to be well placed and planned before the session. Do you collaborate with your clients, do you give them some advice like on placement, color, size etc?
A: My customer's happiness is my priority. Everyone is different, if somebody has an open mind is nice and we can do something original. I always suggest ideas on size, composition, placement etc. If the customers are stubborn, I make the tattoo the way they want, is not problem for me. Of course If I'm not sure I'm doing something good, like hard cover ups or totally different style I'm not going forward.

Q: Portrait tattoos are very popular nowadays. Tattoo realism in general. Some artists take it as a challenge to master this style. Would you say that this type of work is something you will keep doing it or you'll change something or maybe even start doing something completely different in feature?
A: I love doing portraits, I always prefer doing my designs, something sick, dark, surrealistic and funny. But is not very easy doing this every day, maybe in the future I will do more original designs :) Now I started painting, in future, I will be doing only this kind of stuff. I'm totally free when it comes to painting, I can do whatever I want :)

Q: Do you have any "dream" piece stuck in your sketchbook or just in your mind wanting to tattoo on someone's skin?
A: I don't have one in particular, there are a lot of cool ideas.

Q: Do you travel a lot for work like doing guest spots, visiting tattoo conventions etc? How much is important to gain foreign knowledge in order to grow as an artist? What are your experiences?
A: I love working with my friends on guest spots, every time when I change my place I have more power to my work. I hate routine, I change something in my life all the time, I like new ideas, being creative. I quit going to tattoo conventions, this is not for me. Being in tattoo studio is better, more calm, more professional and more time for doing a good job. Maybe in the future I'll go to more conventions, but I think, only to meet with friends or see some nice city :)

Q: What is your advice for those who are willing to start tattooing?
A: Find good tattoo studio for practice and do art every day!

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instagram: lisu_222
Reinkarnacja Tattoo Studio, Warsaw, Poland

Mr.Mateusz Lisiewicz, Thank you so much for the interview.
Kind regards,
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