interview with pavel krim | Art Faktors | zoi tattoo sweden 28/09/2016

Q: First, tell us something about yourself, how did you got into tattooing?
A: I started tattooing in 2002. I started seriously with a good friend of mine, he was a tattoo artist. I was looking at him and was dreaming for the right moment to become a tattoo artist. I was flashed about all these things in the tattoo world. When I was 16, at school, I had my first contact with a needle. I had a lot of friends there, was in prison, I looked on the tattoos from these guys and asked how they did the tattoos. They told, so I took a needle and start to tattoo myself with a simple needle, a needle that you use at home to put bottons on the jeans. I started working in 2004 in one tattoo shop and had my first clients.

Q: What was the hardest part of the journey? How long took you to learn the basic skills of tattooing?
A: I'm still learning, I will never stop watching and learn from other artist, it's a never ending process.

Q: Being so many years in this business, how has your style developed?
A: I just do and do and do... When I was young, I was learning graphic and web design, I was drawing a lot of portraits, so from the first moment I was in love with the realistic tattoo style.

Q: Do you have any favorite tattoo style?
A: Pocket watch and compass... ahahha no I joke, I love horror dark style, but after a while I'm happy when I have clients with full color projects.

Q: Your portrait tattoos are probably the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. Seems like you put some extra effort when it comes to the details... So amazing! What is the hardest part of doing a realistic tattoo?
A: It's all difficult... The most difficult part is to explain the client what kind of photo I can work with. Even to work with difficult skin can be very hard. I can not say that is very simple but I don't like simple work.

Q: Do you collaborate with your clients when it comes to ideas? Tell me a bit about the making process.
A: Of course, during the consultation I open ant tell the client what makes sense to do. Where is the best place for and try to make the best of the wishes from the client. Sometimes I'm working all night to prepare the design, a good project for the next day and then they change it totally. ahahha Believe me it's like roulette. Most of the time they love it, but more and more becomes difficult, cause on the internet they see a lot of bad tattoos and want the same, and I want to explain that it will look bad in few years. I have a big responsibility.

- What is the procedure to get an appointment?
People can contact the shop where I'm working in the moment. Book a consultation and after that, we make an appointment.

Q: Where are you located now?
A: I'm in Germany at Art Faktors or at Zoi Tattoo Sweden.

Q: Your plans for the near feature?
A: Keep on doing what I'm doing now. This is my love, my life. I will tattooing till the end of my days. My plans are to make my costumers happy.

Q: As an accomplished tattoo artist, what would you recommend to the new artists?
A: hmmm first I would say to never stop watching, asking and learning from good artist. Don't stop learning, never.