interview with Raquel Jaramago | digital art | photography 13/01/2014

Hello Raquel Jaramago! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself, how you got design and photography?

I’m Technician in Advertising Art by the CENP school of Madrid (2002), where I studied graphic design oriented to advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as analogical photography, which started attract powerfully my attention, I want to continue learning more about this artistic technique.  I developed my professional future mainly as 2D Artist for mobile, IOS and pc games, specializing in the “Pixelart” technique, but while I continued developing my personal work with digital art photography, and I discovered that this was really the best way to express myself and everything else that surrounds me through a kind of parallel reality.

In 2011 I finished the Master of Expert in fashion and advertising photography by the CES school and the UCM in Madrid, specializing in this kind of photography, but I’m always trying to get a perfect mix between Fashion Photography & Fantasy Photography, and adding that graphic-pictorial touch to my images. My photographic interests: cool pictures, weird, disturbing, intriguing, interesting, dreamy, creative and, above all, beautiful images, capturing the ephemeral moment, the feeling, the attitude and character of the people or concepts to portray.

Q: Who is the person you're most grateful when it comes to inspiration?
A: My boyfriend, he’s the person who is always there giving me support and energy to continue with my passion. Thanks for that!

Q: Your portfolio is truly outstanding. I love the detailed works you do, also something that sets you apart from many is your creative way of expression. Would you say that your work describe your personality?
A: Totally true. My work describe my personality and the way I see world. My work shows my feelings, my emotions and hopes to escape from reality and these things are what I try to move to the people who see my works, so they can have the same feelings and emotions like me.

Q: Your photography style is very interesting. You love to work on many different themes and places, it's almost impossible to get bored looking at your portfolio. What do you prefer, photographing people or places?
A: I love to photograph people on places. I’m specialized in Fashion & Advertising Photography, so I do a lot of shoots with people, but I like when people are framed inside of some interesting landscapes or backgrounds, that completes the global atmosphere.

Q: What's more challenging to work on?
A: Maybe the most challenging and also the most important aspect are the model’s eyes. I’m always looking for expressive and “speaker” eyes.

- Any special people you would love to work with, when it comes to portrait photography?
When it comes to portrait photography, I love to work with imaginative and creative make up artists and hair stylists, that contributes to a perfect set.

Q: Probably one of the most interesting photo-shoots you've been working on, must be the "Brian Viveros Tribute".        I love every single photo! How do you choose your models? Do you make castings?
A: I fix the theme of the photo-shoot first, and then I choose the model/s who fit best with that theme, thinking about their body features, faces, attitudes or personalities.

Q: Talking of "Brian Viveros Tribute" photo-shoot... What was the basic idea?
A: I needed tattooed girls with a hard, rebel and strong look but feminine and seductive at the same time, and I got it so I’m very happy with the results!

Q: Brian Viveros is an excellent artist, most of his illustrations feature some rebellious themes. Do you think that a bit of rebellion is a necessity, when it comes to art?
A: I totally agree with that. Rebellion is necessary and very important in art, because that is just the spark that art need to be different and original. I think all of us have a rebel soul, just we have to let it go out.

Q: How important is Photoshop in your final images?
A: Very important, because Photoshop is my help to get the effects and atmospheres that I’m searching on each image.

Q: Your models are beautiful, strong and seductive women. Do you feel inspired by the women nature?
A: Of course. I’m a woman and I think all women must have these attributes both internally and externally.

Q: Are you into new fashion trends, or you keep it simple?
A: I love fashion and I follow the new fashion trends, but I keep my own personal style in which I feel more comfortable.

Q: From 2D art and graphic design to digital art photography...
A: I work on photography, photo-retouching, video-edition, advertising graphic design and 2D art for videogames and apps. I love to do a mix between 2D art and photography, in this way my final images have the pictorial touch that I’m searching always in everything.

- What are the most interesting coming up projects you're working on?
Currently, I'm working on new sets “Dolls House” Series, inspired in Blythe Dolls, but with human models.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated? Is it a progress idea or a person that brings some new, fresh ideas?
A: That is very easy for me because I generate new ideas continually, my mind works faster than my real time to do everything, so I always have a lot of collected ideas ready to start.

Q: Would you change something in your style or start to work on something completely different, or you're simply in love with your style and try to improve even more?
A: I think I’m my biggest fan and my worst criticizer at the same time. I would like to improve and learn continuously following my own style.

Q: What advice would you give anyone looking to break into the field?
A: Don’t stop fighting for your dreams because someday your dreams will come true!

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