tattoo Interview with Ron Russo | Plymouth, Pennsylvania 21/11/2011 

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I have been tattooing close to 11 years.

Q: What got you into this business?
A: I have always been drawing since I could remember. I always enjoy to create things and there's nothing better than a finished product to be proud of. I guess the satisfaction of a finished painting or tattoo is what keeps me going.

Q: Has anyone influenced you to became an artist?
A: My grandfather was a famous artist but I wouldn't say anyone has influenced me to become an artist since I've always been inspired to create myself since I could remember. There are many artists out there who have driven me to work harder these days and a few that I admire such as Bob Tyrell, Paul Acker, Dan Henk, Paul Booth, Tommy Lee and many more who choose to produce darker horror art.

Q: Talking about your art is a real pleasure. Seems like you are passionate about doing color tattoos. Most of them have strong lines and great highlights. Do you consider this style of work as your specialty?
A: Yes I definitely love to do more color. It seems that most of my request are for color tattoos. I try to make everything as realistic as possible but in my own style. Even though I do admire what a lot of others are doing, I still try to keep everything I do my own. I would say it's my specialty for sure. I do also enjoy working with black and gray also from time to time. I think a lot of it depends on the image. This is where I choose if it would be better either color or black and gray.

Q: What is the most difficult part in doing color tattoos?
A: Hmmmm, the most difficult. This is a tricky question. Id have to say the most difficult is just starting the tattoo in general and planning for me. I'm actually more comfortable once I start the tattoo. I out lots of time into drawing and planning the tattoo, sometimes even more time than it actually takes for me to tattoo it.

Q: Portraits are maybe the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. Do you remember when the impression for this kind of work first began?
A: Well, I guess it started because I just wanted to create the most craziest, evil, dark and disturbing images that I can but then I started recreating a lot of famous monsters, zombies and then I was like "Hey, I could tattoo this kid's grandma on him" So, I do a lot of portraits also but I enjoy the horror side more than anything but I also love to tattoo animals and wildlife too.

Q: In which designs you find most creative freedom? Like portraits, cartoons etc?
A: Well, I don't do anything that is cartoonish in anyway. Too me creative freedom is when the client says "here's my idea, do what you want with it". Then I take it from there. I enjoy to draw a lot of my own stuff anymore than just copying an image but id never turn down a zombie or a leather face no matter how many times it has been done before. It's the challenge of making it stand out amongst the rest for me.

Q: What are the most interesting experiences with the clients? Any funny stories to share?
A: I'm not sure what interesting experiences there are, too me everyday is interesting. Most people I tattoo are regular clients who are all very interesting too me. lol. I have fun with everyone I tattoo. It's never a boring session!! I like to vibe with the client and not hate what I'm doing, so to me having the client comfortable with me tattooing them leads to interesting times when I can just be myself, laugh and talk shit and create a bad ass tattoo. Pretty interesting to me.


Q: Have you ever thought to change it and start doing something different?
A: It doesn't even cross my mind to do anything different except to get better at what I am doing now. Once in awhile I like to do Asian style images from time to time. I've always admired what those guys have been doing forever. Thumbs up to them!


Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned from you art journey?
A: Well I'd say my personality goes well with my art for sure. Always looking to get it darker and morbid but then I'm tattooing someone's dogs portrait, so it's all good. What I've learned from my journey is that it's far from over and I need to dig in and get more work done. The journey has just begun...Stay tuned.

Q: Tattoo industry has a huge progress, especially in the last decade. There are many new tattoo artists coming up ... What advice do you have for the new artists?
A: I'm not sure the industry has made huge progress. I'm sure if you asked any of the real old timers about the industry today their answer would be much different. I am glad to say that I started tattooing pre-tv show B.S. My advice is work hard, enjoy creating, don't be a rock star, be yourself, stay true to the art, earn as much as possible, take seminars and don't be a d#ck rider. Put 110% into it or don't bother.

My future plans are to really start painting a lot more. I have conventions book this year in Liverpool and France which I am very excited about. My website is and I have an open Facebook page for everyone to view my work there. I would like to thank Skin-Artists for this awesome interview!! RON570