interview with SaraH con Hache | art | graphic design  05/10/2013

 Hello SaraH con Hache! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself and how you got into design?

Hello Iva! I'm glad that you like my work. My name is SaraH con Hache, I'm Spanish, I live in Seville, I'm 30 years old and I'm cartoonist of pin up models. I've always liked to draw women and I love pin up style (It's my own style. I’m pin up) At first I started drawing some of my friends and then other people saw my artworks and they started asking how they could get one of my drawings .

Q: What kind of art interested you at the beginning? Do you have any influences?
A: I've always loved the world of comics and cartoons. I have completed my Bachiller studies with several courses of “Character Design” and “Comic Narrative”. I guess that's my biggest influence. Characters like Jessica Rabbit, Catwoman, Storm (X-men) or the Disney princesses have inspired my style of drawing. Also some film divas fascinated me: Marilyn Monroe, Morticia Addams (I have a tattoo of her on my arm) Betty Page, Marlene Dietrich... Overall all great beauties have influenced my way of drawing.

Q: Pin Up cartoon style is your specialty. Really cool, do you remember when the fascination for this style first began? Why Pin ups? Guide me a bit.
A: I remember when I was a child. My mother scolded me because I used a red marker to paint red lips on the princesses of my storybooks. Even then I loved the pin up style without even knowing the name. Why pin ups? I have a thousand of reasons. First for it's aesthetics. I think this enhances the best of women. Any girl is sexier, more beautiful and more feminine wearing this style. But red lips, '50s dresses, vintage hairstyles or tattoos (typical of the pin up of the XXI century) are not the only reason. The philosophy of the Pin up world is full of positivity and joy.

Q: Pin up models have been always a great inspiration for everyone. Do you have any favorite model, a muse?
A: I love drawing tattooed models with rainbow colored hair but among them all, definitely, my favorite is Victoria van Violence. I am very childish. My favorite fairy tale has always been "The princess with green hair". In the story the protagonist was very capricious. A fairy punished the princess transforming her black hair in green hair. When I saw Victoria for the first time I remembered the fairy tale and I thought, "Oh my God, she's like the princess!" It was love at first sight. Since then she's my great muse. I got to know her through Internet. Besides being beautiful model she is a lovely and very friendly girl.





Q: What details are most important to capture?
A: The first step when I start to draw a person is looking for their most characteristic features. The mouth, nose, eyes are the base but it’s also important if you have a freckle, glasses or special hairstyle.

Q: Have you ever made a sarcastic caricature of someone? If so, who was the model?
A: Yes, I started working as a waitress (many years ago) and I drew my boss. I drew some comic strips in which he was an evil villain. But we had a good relationship and at the end I showed him his caricature. He didn’t get angry :)

Q: Can you relate yourself with some of your characters?
A: Of course. Most of my artworks are commissioned. Through my work I have met some wonderful people. I interact via email with beautiful models like Victoria van Violence, Kelly Eden, Ayana Sato ... or even with the porn star Lexy Roxx. All are great.

Q: What details you love the most in creating a pin up cartoon?
A: The eyes, lips, hair ... everything that enhances femininity.

- Would you say that women's nature is enough inspiring?
I love the female body. I stylize it to highlight curves. The sensuality of the female body is full of beauty. I can not deny it, I love drawing bulky breasted women :)

Q: To be a creative person, must be a blast. Have you ever thought to start working on something completely different, maybe a parody of all the negative aspects in the modern fashion world? I think that's a great idea.
A: In this moment I have so many orders that I can hardly stand to think about doing something different. But it’s true, it’s very good idea. I don’t know in other countries but in Spain, in many places, it is very difficult to get a job if you're tattooed. I don’t understand that the world of fashion imposes rules and if someone does not follow them have to be reviled. People should have an open mind.


Q: Do you feel powerful having the ability as a designer to bring some messages to the masses and hopefully change some opinions, brake taboos?
A: Oh! This is very difficult. My best message at this time is to make people smile and look prettier themselves. Many girls, in their childhood, dreamed of being princesses cartoons. I give them the opportunity to see their dreams come true.
And the best: regardless of whether they are perfect or not for the standards of beauty set. For me everyone has something magical inside. I wish I could kill as many complex created by the prejudices of society.

Q: Looking at your portfolio, it's almost impossible to get bored! I'm pretty sure that every day is a fun ride and a great way to escape the daily routine... What keeps you creative?
A: Each artwork is different. There are days when I have to draw a model with blue hair, tattoos and a beautiful vintage dress and other days when I have to create the design of a logo or a design for a tattoo (Today I’m drawing a steampunk bird). This makes the work routine doesn’t become boring.

- Do you have any special motivation techniques?
On the wall of my study I put pictures of my favorite cartoonists (Chris Sanders, Alessandro Barbucci, Glen Keane ...) and, of course, a large poster of Victoria van Violence. This type of images inspire me and help motivate me. Another good way to start a day's work is at first drawing something for pure pleasure, no pressure, just a sketch full of lines and erasures. This will help me to concentrate to draw the custom artwork of the day (which should be perfect)

Q: What would you say that is the biggest mistake, when it comes art progress? How do you cheer up yourself, when things get tough in the studio?
A: The worst is when the inspiration does not appear. Some days, I can not draw. My head is blocked. The best in this case is to stop, rest, do something different and relaxing (read, take a walk, cook, play with my cats) and then try it again. Another good technique is to listen to music while drawing (I like Bunbury, Muse, Garbage, Little Boots or Blondie) Music is a great source of inspiration.

Q: As an artist, what are some of your greatest challenges or obstacles you face?
A: I want to learn even more. I think every artist should continue learning. I study as I can. Courses of anatomy, drawing software, color theory, perspective ... For me it's never enough. I am extremely perfectionist and I always find a reason to correct in my drawings. Through Internet I hold a friendship with many of the greatest artists in the world of comics and cartoon. We help each other when someone has an obstacle.

Q: Amy motivational words for the new artists?
A: I've been told two tips:
The first: Practice, practice, practice ... You can learn how to draw. There are good books, good courses, good teachers but are useless if you're lazy.

The second: Do not fall in love for your own work. If you do, you will not evolve. It’s important to learn and see your own mistakes so you can solve them.

And this is a tip by me: Find your own style. It is probably the most difficult thing but it is essential if you want to be your recognized by your drawings.

Please feel free to share your feature plans and your website.
Despite my lack of time I have a project on my mind. I would love to create a book compiling all my alternative Pin Up model drawings. I want to offer them the opportunity to advertise their websites or social networks in this book. In this world there seems no room for tattooed models, pierced, curvy hair or blue, green, pink. Many of my clients are really great alternative models and I would be happy to promote them.

Also I continue creating custom artworks. Whoever is interested just send me an email to: a private message through my website: or my fanpage of Facebok (here you can see my new works all days):