art |  interview with Sharuzen | Tattoo Atelier, Germany 09/05/2016

Q: You have a really interesting tattoo style, that varies from color fantasy portraits to some beautiful dark, black & gray tattoo sleeves. It's like experimenting is your specialty! :)) How would you describe your style?
A: I always wanna bring something new to my tattoos. The whole design it’s not just a simple collage done in Photoshop but it has to evocate certain feelings for those who see the tattoo. I would describe my style as a fantasy realism because all my designs are coming from my fantasy but they are all realistic pictures so that’s how I transfer them on to skin.

Q: I love the fact that you put some extra energy in creating your designs. Every piece has its own story. Is there any preference when it comes to designs you want to tattoo? In which designs you find most creative freedom?
A: It's when I feel that I don’t need to stop my fantasy and just let it be, free to make me create anything that I think it’s going to fit to that person. I'm happy if people like my style and tattoos I have done. If they choose me to do their tattoos, I expect from them to give me the artistic freedom. When I see the person I have already an idea, actually the full story behind the tattoo I am going to tattoo for him or her. It’s not easy to describe it really :)

Q: What aspects of tattooing are career up-lifting?
A: For me as an artist is important that I can tattoo my own designs, which are mostly my paintings, drawings and the other concepts I have prepared already. Tattoos in my opinion has to be unique and placed correctly. This is what I really love about tattooing, the whole process of creating tattoo (from painting/drawing to tattooing). That’s what I am also explaining to my clients. If client come with his/her idea for the tattoo, I am always trying to customize it for certain person so it also fit with the body shape. Then of course it has to be done properly from the technical point of view. That’s always a challenge for me and I really like that. My clients asks me often if I am happy with their tattoo I have done and I am always saying I wanna see it healed first. If everything is good, than I can say yes I am happy. I am still at the begging so I hope I can bring much more new.

Q: Do you prefer to draw for your clients totally unique sketch or you use some reference photos at times?
A: I actually don’t draw for my clients as they are usually choosing from my existing drawings or paintings.
When I wanna show my ideas to the client quickly, then I am working with references only and the rest is my fantasy so I am drawing straight on the skin.

Q: What's the procedure when it comes to getting an appointment?
A: My clients usually contacting me via email where they simply describe their ideas or the meanings behind their tattoo. I really need just a few key words. Cause they contacted me I am expecting they know my style so they know it’s going to looks dark and strong. They also tell me the body part and measurements so I know how much space I have for to create. When I am ready with the concept then I make a consultation before the tattoo appointment and explain how we’re going to proceed with whole piece.

Tattoo Atelier
Georg-Weber str. 8
76887 Bad Bergzabern
Instagram: sharuzen_art

Q: Getting your name out is very important for gaining respect from artists and people all around. Tattoo conventions are a great opportunity for this. How often do you visit events like this? Are there any influential artists you've meet?
A: That’s true cause people need to get to know you somehow. I try to go on tattoo conventions at least once a month if I can. From influential tattoo artists I would like to name Carlos Torres, Dmitry Samohin, Victor Portugal, and from artists & painters – Albin Brunovsky, Wiliam Bouguereau, Luis Ricardo Falero, Rembrandt and many more.

Q: You're also a good painter, what kind of supplies do you use? Get me a bit in your world of brushes and canvas :)
A: I love to paint as much as I love to tattoo. That’s very important part of my life. Mostly I love to paint with oils but from time to time I like to use acrylic and water colors too. Of course I prefer to paint on canvas but also like to paint on a paper for oil colors, especially if I paint smaller things. I'm using various brands but for oils I love to use Mussini. I also love to draw and for that I like to use charcoals, pencils and mix media.

Q: As a woman, I'm really happy to see female tattoo artists looking so gorgeous, no matter if they have some modeling background or not. How much the appearance could help in getting noticed? :) Especially when you're so talented?
A: It can help to get noticed but it doesn’t always mean in positive way I would say. I have started with modeling and photography a long time ago, before I was even thinking to become a tattoo artist. The reason was pretty simple cause of the art. As I have always had my head plenty of ideas I wanted to present them and as a model and photographer it’s quite easy and quick. I wanna say for me it’s not important to look like a model in front of my clients. When I am tattooing I am a tattoo artist :)

Q: Do you prefer modeling rather than tattooing? :)
A: Yes I enjoy modeling a lot cause as I said, I am able to present my ideas through my photos and that’s similar with tattooing so for me they are equal. The only thing is, I would like to do modeling more often then I do now but it’s not so easy to find enough time cause mostly I'm tattooing :)

Q: Classy, sensual, very avant-garde feminine style is probably how I would describe your modeling portfolio. :) You have some really cool photo-sessions. Do you have a favorite one?
A: I really love to do dark theme kind of photos. Many people are thinking I mostly like a gothic theme but that’s not true. I prefer to do more edgy, demonic and alternative photos.

Q: Keeping up a busy schedule with tattooing, modeling then life itself, must be hard. Do you have some special technique on how to organize yourself? :)
A: it’s chaotic but that’s what I like and I have a great manager who help me to organize everything. It is also hard that’s true but I don’t have any special technique except hard work and you really have to love what you do that’s important. I would really like to do more but days are to short for me :)

Q: Is dedication, great plan and positive attitude everything when it comes to success?
A: They are all very important of course but that’s not everything. It’s also depends on what kind of person you are. For me the art is the most important thing and to make it better and better.

Q: Some of the plans you have for the near feature?
A: I really like my creative chaos which means I don’t plan too much for the future, so I'm keeping it all open. Of course I’m planning certain conventions I will attend but that’s it.

Q: Any encouraging words for those who wants to start their tattoo career?
A: Keep your feet firmly on the ground and stay with the art.