Interview with tattoo artist Silvano Fiato

   Hello Silvano Fiato! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Please start by telling us something about yourself, when did you start doing tattoos? Since I was child I always dedicated my time to drawing and painting, seeking perfection in it. Ten years ago I met the world of tattooing and from there I can't stay without it.

Q: Why a tattoo artist?
A: I didn't finish art school and I worked completely different jobs, because unfortunately it's not easy in life to do what you like, but this dream continued to grow inside me. Now, I can't imagine myself doing something else. Surely the tattoos always catch me and when I figured out that it was possible to reproduce what I knew already on paper and canvas, on the skin, I realized that this would be my way. For me tattooing is a passion, I can not wait to come to work in the morning and express myself 100% every day.

Q: What kind of art interested you at that time?
A: My specialty is tattoo realism with some horror art themes. That's what I like the most. When I started I was shocked by the portraits of Robert Hernandez and Bob Tyrell. Today there are also many other great artists that I admire but I can't name anyone in particular.

Q: Some people say that it is possible to be self though artist, do you agree?
A: In my opinion yes, for example I had to learn everything by myself, without having any kind of education or teacher, so everything I know I had to learn it by myself. This has led me to be who I am today. Now I'm a professional and I know what I do because I always studied to improve myself and I'll always study to do better every day.

Q: What type of designs you like the most?
A: All tattoos that I made are custom artwork, a unique piece. Every piece we do is created specifically for the customer. I hate to tattoo designs from a catalog or copy another artist work.  So I always dedicate more time to create unique designs. For now, everyone who comes to me, give me the possibility to express myself fully, and I think that is the best thing that an artist could wish for.

Q: Seems like there is 3D effect in some of them?
A: I spent a lot of time in the recent years studying color and especially how to do render the design in the best possible way.

 Q: What kind of tattoos people like the most?
A: Now I think people like realistic tattoos, so there isn't a precise subject, but rather a style.



Q: Any strange requests?
A: After so many years doing this work, it is hard to find something that can shock me, but one of the strangest tattoos I remember, was a realistic clove of garlic.

Q: What people can expect from you?
A: Everyone who knows me, knows how I am and I am a very ambitious person. I don't feel arrived and therefore I'll continue to improve myself more and more, always creating new and original tattoos.

Q: In a few words, what are the most important things that every single artist should know in order to become successful and respected?
A: The important requirements are passion, ambition and a lot of humility.