tattoo | art | story |  interview with Theodor Brezetos 19/02/2015 

Q: Since when the fascination for tattoo art first began?
A: Many people from my family had tattoos like my father and my grandmother, so this was a big motivation for me from a young age. Back in the day when the tattoos were not accesses able, the only way to get one was doing it by ourselves with hand made motors and a lot of patience. My first real encounter with a real motor was at the age of 19 and it was the best gift for me.

Q: Did you draw a lot when you were starting out or? How did you learn the basic skills of tattooing?
A: I wasn't born as a talented sketcher, but there is always a secret ingredient and that is the love for what you are doing. When it comes to tattoo art, I'm self taught. Inspired and charmed by well known artists from the 90s and up to now.

Q: Your artworks feature some dark motives, I love your ability to bring up some cool details in every design. How would you describe your own style?
A: He,he I don't consider myself as dark. I like the light and believe in it. I like minimal and clear designs that are precisely put on the body.

Q: Black & gray tattoos are probably the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. Do you love more working with black n' gray inks?
A: I favor black and gray with some colored details however I would never avoid a full color, it's really impressive.

Q: It's not easy to be creative every day, working with so many people. How do you get inspired? Do you have any other art mediums you work on, such as painting or photography that helps you to get some cool ideas?
A: I have been doing this for so long that the ability to illustrate, comes to me naturally. I enjoy the time I spend with my clients working on their tattoos. Three years now, I find Photoshop as a big help because I can just bring together all my ideas in a short amount of time, but I also enjoy oil panting, it's very creative.

Q: You also want to travel and visit tattoo conventions. Do you think those type of events help the artists to exchange some cool experiences, learn something new, meet some new friends and of course promote themselves?
A: Tattoo conventions are like a school, full of experience that will help in the future.

Q: Where are you located now?
A: My studio is in Greece, in a small town 40 mins. from Athens named St.Theodori, I own it for 6 years now. My email is and I'm also on facebook as Theodor Brezetos.

Q: After so many years of hard work, do you have any special career goal? What are your feature plans?
A: My aim is to become the best I can and be able to share my ideas and tattoos. I would like to be fit enough to stay in the tattoo industry for as long as I can because it is something I love and don't see it like a job, but something I own everything to.

Q: Any advice for those who are starting out their career?
A: My advice to those who started now is to be inspired by artists but stay true to their own style. Respect other artists who have dedicated many years to tattoo art, and those who their work on it, because they are their canvas. And as I said, the biggest secret is love.

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