interview with venus starr | tattoo models | life story 02/04/2013

Hello Ms.Venus Starr, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.
It's a great pleasure to share some of my thoughts with you! Your style is very inspiring, unique, n' sexy!

Q: Talking about your look... I've noticed lots of tattoos on your body. When did you get your first tattoo, what was it?
A: Tramp stamp on my lower back of a butterfly, my first lover and love bought if for me. I thought I was so cool. I also got my star sign tattooed on my hip that is now covered with a star. Me and my girlfriends in our private catholic school girl uniforms rocked up for a tattoo at this little place in my home town of Noosa in Australia.

Q: What about the other tattoos you have? Guide me a bit into your inked madness!
A: One of my sleeves are original works by tattoo artist Simon Morse, a full sleeve of female villains. Black cat, Cheetah, The Huntress, Poison Ivy. All were drawn in Simon Morse style.

Q: Would you consider tattooing as a way of self expression?
A: Yes. It is also an addiction.

Q: Lots of cool photo-shoots in your portfolio. How long have you been an alternative model?
A: About 4 years alt modeling and I have been performing & entertaining for about 10 years.

Q: What part of being a models is the most challenging?
A: Body issues its tough on your mind at times.

Q: What has your favorite photo-shoot?
A: No favorite that's way to hard to answer.

Q: What modeling projects do you have coming up and where can readers see more of Venus Starr?
A: I have a bunch in LA for a few magazines and work with some awesome photographers. I cant say to much but one of the magazines is Savage.

Q: How did you get your nickname?
A: A past lover and a girl I used to think was beautiful in school, beautiful chocolate skin! Her name was Venus.

Q: What has being a tattooed woman taught you: about society, yourself, and the idea of beauty?
A: To be confident and be proud of your ink, people will always judge. Believe in yourself.

Q: Have you ever encounter criticism because of your ink? If so, how do you react?
A: Yes all the time. I ignore it. Sometimes I retaliate but only when I'm having a bad day or a tough time in my personal life but other wise it's not worth it.

Q: Starlet & Circus Showgirl, Aerial Artist, Neo burlesque Dancer, Hula Hoopist and Entertainer Extraordinaire! Wow! Which one describe you the best? Which profession you find most interesting and why?
A: I'm an all round show girl, I have been since I was 5, a dram queen and an exhibitionist. They are all interesting.

Q: Talking about Burlesque... Where is the "red line" between erotic and vulgar (cheap) during a burlesque show?
A: Burlesque is a parody. It can be erotic and vulgar some people find vulgar or erotic. Cheap burlesque to me is inexperience.

Q: What is the beauty trick you do before show?
A: I do tend to go a little crazy and hypo with fellow cast members.

Q: Is there any photographer you would love to collaborate with?
A: When I head back to LA I will be working with Alvarado. Last time I was there we were booked but had to cancel :( sux, so yay! this time we get to shoot. I would also like to shoot with Dangerously Dolly.


Q: What are some of your other hobbies?
A: Circus, My son Floyd, watching programs about serial killers and drinking miso soup. Oh and shoes!!!!!!!

Q: People could be ruff, jealous, crazy, super-cool... As a model, what are some of your greatest challenges or obstacles you face?
A: I always try and stay humble, high profile people that are really unfriendly are really un attractive. Some days the haters get me down but my friends pick me up again and keep me going.

Q: What word best describes you?
A: Wild.

Q: In a few words, can you give a little advice to the new models?
A: Variety! Don't be boring! Be creative.

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