interview with Wallace Farias tattoo studio | Brazil| 15/09/2019


 Hello Wallace Farias! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. Please start by telling us something about yourself and what made you to become a tattoo artist?

Hello my name is Wallace Farias, I'm from a small town in the area of Amazonas, Brazil. It all started when I decided to set up a homemade tattoo machine that I saw a colleague assembling, then I decided to buy a simple coil machine, but at the time I had to reconcile my work with my tattooing. At the time, I also worked as a salesman in a furniture store. I liked the adrenaline I felt when I started tattooing so I decided I wanted it to become a pro so in 2015 I started to actually tattoo and set up my first studio in Manaus in Amazon. Nowadays I have my studio in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Q: Was it difficult to learn how to do tattoos? Did anyone help you?
A: The beginning was very difficult, I had no one to help me, but I was dedicated, so I decided to improve alone for a while, until I went to work in a studio where there were other tattoo artists, and from then everything improved.

Q: How much the talent plays a big role in becoming a professional?
A: It is not enough to have talent, you have to have focus and discipline to be a professional.

Q: How has your style changed over the time?
A: Today I focus on black and gray, but in the beginning, I only did fine line, then I went to tribal, watercolor, until I got to black and gray.

Q: I really like the portrait tattoos, very detailed and so interesting. What are some of the most challenging parts to work on while doing a realistic portrait?
A: For me the most difficult parts are the nose, mouth and the eyes, it requires extra attention, because a small mistake can change the entire anatomy of the face.

Q: How much the knowledge of the ink plays a big part? I bet there's a little room for experimentation?
A: Yes, one of the most important papers has very dense inks and very dilute inks so requires an experiment to get to the right spot for every job.

Q: How much tattooing can be a way of self expression?
A: Many tattoos reflect what the customers are feeling, so it is a very difficult task to put together something that makes sense for each customer.

Q: Since you're talented, creative individual, that gives you space for so much more exploration, would you try something different in the feature?
A: Yes, it is always good to try something different and challenging, the search for the new is what moves us.

Q: How often do you travel for work? Visiting tattoo conventions and seminars? Do you think that the international experience can be very educational?
A: In Brazil I go to conventions at least 8 times a year, doing workshops and guest spots too. The international experience is very important for the career of each artist, as it opens our minds.

Q: What's your opinion of the tattoo scene in your country? Do you see progress?
A: In Brazil there are many spectacular artists, which grow every day and I see a lot of progress.

Please write down your contact info and studio location.
Instagram: wallace_tatuador
contact; 11998548045 studio wallace farias tattoo São Paulo Brazil,
avenida engenheiro luiz carlos berrini, 1748

Mr.Wallace Farias Thank you so much for the interview.
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