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Tattoo artists-national and international, fine arts lovers, art enthusiasts, suppliers and fans from around the world will gather in Nepal to participate. This will be the first and with the biggest dimension, event that has ever been held in the South East Asian region. The event will be hosted at Exhibition Hall. The event is scheduled on 18th – 20th October 2013.


Nepal Inked is a deeper look into tattoo arts & lifestyle culture in Nepal. Nepal, especially Kathmandu known to be very rich in art and culture, already boasts of one tattoo convention in April. But considering the demand and popularity of ink & relative lifestyle, the ever changing style, and the growing passion for the likewise, one more convention – catered to the larger public and a bigger mass is very necessary. Nepal Ink,A lifestyle and art festival is scheduled for October 2013, targeting up to 120 participants from Nepal and rest of the world.This event will including not only tattoos but also art shows, gigs, concerts, car shows, bike shows etc.

The main focus of the event will be to promote tattoos as an art and a major business venture in Asia as well as, to promote Nepal as a destination for this form of art. Various tattoo conventions have been successfully organized in Singapore, Malaysia and China and the art of tattooing and body piercing has become a lucrative business activity.

Nepal Inked | Tattoo | Convention in Nepal 2013 | Review | Artists | Program Overview

Venue consists of two areas:
Indoor Main Conference Hall and Indoor Stage
Indoor hall (Name of the hall at the hotel) will be the main exhibition area. This hall will host all the exhibitors and relative events such as competitions and exhibitions etc. The small in built stage will be used to display all kinds of art works at the venue and host all competitions as well as cultural shows. Hygiene and cleanliness will be the main priority at the main hall.
Outdoor Entertainment, Exhibition Ground, Stalls and Stage
The outdoor garden will host various entertainment stalls, information stalls, travel tour desks, product sales/promotion stalls, food and drinks area etc. Other musical and entertainment programs such as exhibitions and stunt shows will also be held in this area. The outdoor area will host a fete environment.

ARTISTS | Line Up | Schedule | Official Website | Listing

Piotr Olejnik (Evil Tattoos) - Kalisz, Poland; Mohan Gurung (Mohans Tattoo Inn)-Kathmandu, Nepal; Paulo Cruzes (Machine Master)-London, UK; Piero Bigvoodoo (La Cour Des Miracles)-Toulouse, France; Alex Arnautov (A3Metric Workshop)-Kiev, Ukraine; Sudeep Khadka (Jads Tattoo)-Kathmandu, Nepal; Archana Nakhua(Ace Tattooz)-Mumbai, India / See the whole list

Our Short Informational Interview with John Ma - Nepal Inked

Hello John! It's my pleasure to share some of my thoughts with you, first of all, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for Skin Artists readers.  Please start by telling us something about how you got into the world of tattooing?

It was kinda accident! Hehe I drew a lot as a kid and was always interested in art, I made one tattoo machine by local resources n with one motor of Sony Discman then my friends would ask me to do a tattoo for them with handmade machine. It slowly upgraded into a dentistry equipment and finally professional tattooing equipment. The rest was history. hahah. It’s been 10 years, from I started.

Q: Talking about the modern tattoo industry, there are now so many world tattoo conventions all around the globe, including the Nepal Tattoo Convention, are you the main host?
A: Tattoo convention is a gathering of tattoo artists from all over the world. It is not designed to cater just for the cliental to get tattoos but it is also made for tattoo artists to converge in one location and share their ideas and thoughts. This creates a universal bonding between the artists. The more there are the better for the tattoo artists and their fans that get to enjoy the alternative form of art.  As per the convention in Nepal yes we did start Nepal Tattoo Convention together, which has been going on for the past 3 years. But we felt that we need to cater to a larger mass and to convention artists in a bigger venue, making the conversation easier. Hence Nepal Inked is an approach to grow larger and bigger, qualitatively and quantitatively.

Q: What are the basic goals of the tattoo convention?
A: Art knows no boundaries. Kathmandu boasts of lot of craftsmen artisans and has a very rich art and culture history. From statues to carvings to paintings to metal and stone work, stuff made in Nepal depicts culture and richness in skill or our people. Artwork is detailed and intricate. This form of art has been carried down from generation to generation and now can be seen on tattoos made by Nepali artists. Nepal also has a tattoo culture that goes back centuries. Our main goal of this convention is to bring together artist and tattoo lovers from all around the globe in one single platform/ arena and to share experiences. Hence not only are we focusing on tattoo but art and culture as a whole. Apart from tattoos we will also be focusing on live sculpting and carving.

Q: Would you say that tattoo conventions are a great opportunity for artists to meet, share experiences and grow artistically?
A: Yes this is the great platform for artists... this is a kind of workshop where artists displayed how they actually worked. And great opportunity to grow more n learn more n more from different artists n their experiences. This is the great platform to showcase their talents.

Q: How many artists are signed up for the upcoming event, scheduled on 18th – 20th October 2013?
A: Till date we have confirmed 40 national and international artists to grace the convention.

Q: Any special guest stars? Who are the artists you would love to meet there?
A: Piotr Olejnik (Evil tattoo), Alex Arnotov (A3Metric tattoo), Primitive Tattoo, Mark Powell and expecting more to come. There is huge list of artist we want to see here. Let’s see whom we can manage to bring here. Hence, lots of big names are interested.

Q: What's most challenging in organizing a tattoo convention?
A: Organizing anything is challenging be it organizing your own studio (laugh) bas tattoo is still considered taboo in our part of the world convincing people is one of the major challenging we have to face. But hey this does not put us set back to hold the convention. The biggest challenge to organize a tattoo convention on this part of the world is the lack of infrastructure. Nepal lacks any big convention area to host any large convention. Followed by the travel limitations to Nepal due to its high costs, we have not been able to invite artist that we would prefer. We hope with the advent of budget airlines coming into Nepal, we can get more artists to travel to Nepal for the convention.

Q: What are the novitiates for this year? Would you share some secret details with us? lol
A: We are having live sculpture competition for the event, where traditional sculpture artist and modern artists will share the same stage. Along with it we shall have a vintage auto show showcasing the few remaining vintage cars and bikes from the Yester years.

Q: Any tattoo seminars and workshops planned?
A: Yes. There will be seminars and workshop. We are planning for color and realism tattoo seminar, and Paulo Cruzes “machine master” will give the workshop in machine building and tuning.

Q: Is there any deadline for the artists who want to sing up for the event? If, so please feel free to write down all the details.
A: We are scheduled to close all booking by end of mid-September. The sign up fees till July is 200 Euros for a booth for 3 days. 225 Euros is August and 250 Euros in September.

Q: In a few words, what would you say to all the artists, hopefully coming on your show?
A: The date for the festival is scheduled for October which is in the middle of month long festive celebrations of Dashian and Tihar. We believe it will be a cultural experience for the artist visiting the show. Along with it being autumn it is also the peak travel time to experience the clear snowcapped mountain before the winter chill sets in. Lastly I would like say please visit to experience Nepal’s votive art and culture.

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