Tattoo Styles and Trends | what's your favorite style?

Nowadays, people are getting tattooed every day. There are lots of tattoo designs, tattoo magazines where enthusiasts could choose their first tattoo, lots of Tv shows talking about tattoos etc etc. Seems like we are living in a modern society where unique body expression is not just a trend but it's also accepted as a personal sign. Therefore, the tattoo industry and tattoo artists got the chance to develop many different kinds of tattoo styles, such as Japanese, Tribal, Portrait and many more.

As a result distinct tattoo styles have emerged from different cultures and sub-cultures throughout the world. Such movements or classifications include the following major tattoo styles:

Old School (also "Old Skool" or "Traditional")
The style represents the traditional tattoos. Cursive fonts, banners, stars, anchors and pinup ladies represent some of the most well-known designs of old school tattoos.

Many people who bear Sailor Jerry style tattoos incorporate their look into a canvas of sleeves since the designs flow so well into one another. People involved in certain sub-cultures such as rockabilly or punk lifestyles will often brand old school tattoos as part of their image. Women bear pin-up styles just as much as men. If you have a fondness for retro styling and simple hearts and banners, old school tattoos may be for you.

New School (also "New Skool" or "Contemporary")
New Skool (also New School) refers to a tattoo style that is bold and bright. It includes contemporary and fantastical designs, distinct from the old school tattoo style in that they contain more elaborate blending and shading gradations with an extensive color palette.

Biomechanical (also "Biomech")
For the hardcore sci-fi or industrial types, biomechanical tattoos are a tough choice. Paired with ripped apart flesh or robotic parts, these types of tattoos look best when placed on muscled parts of the body. Think of your legs, arms, or even a neck tattoo and then get inspired by fantastical machinery for a tattoo design. You may choose to draw the design yourself or shop around for a skilled biomechanical tattoo artist.

Borneo Tribal, traditional Borneo tattoo
Borneo Traditional Tattooing is a hand tapping style of tattooing with two sticks, developed by some of the ancient tribes of Borneo. The most common of Borneo designs are thick black tribal work, which all have different meanings. Nature is the main focus when designing a Borneo Traditional Tattooing such as leaves, animals, fruits, trees and branches.

Traditional Japanese tattoo
This type of tattooing is very old and people who gets a Japanese tattoo are usually related to the meaning of the Japanese mythology, as Japanese tattoo style is full with many mythological creatures, such as dragons, phoenix, gishas, tigers etc. People usually choose a colorful tattoo back pieces or sleeves just to better illustrate the design.

Black & Gray Tattoos
Is a style of tattooing that uses only black ink in varying shades. Typically, black and gray tattoo work is produced by diluting the black ink with distilled water in various proportions, creating a "wash", lighter shades can be produced. Some artists mix white ink with black to produce a gray shade, but it is not the traditional method.

After a tattoo has been completed with varying degrees of black, highlights are often added using white. White ink can also be used to smooth out sharp transitions between the different shades.

Tribal Tattoos
Depicting rich culture and meaning from Native American history, tribal tattoos became a very popular armband piece in the 1990s and lost much of their significance in the process. True tribal tattoos tattooing practices are often considered rites of passage and may involve monks, blessings, and more painful hand-poked tattooing methods. Rich in spiritual meaning, tribal tattoos mark one part of life to the next.

Portrait Tattoo
Probably the most popular tattoo style in the past few years. People choose to tattoo a portrait of their parents, friends, even their pets.

What the style says about your personality? Well, everyone got their unique story and experience. Some people choose a particular design just because they like it... But most of the people choose a tattoo design simply to connect themselves with the style, the style's significant etc.

What your tattoo says about your personality? How did you choose your first tattoo?

Let me know, what you are your thoughts. I would love to read your comments and just make a point of it, or simply just to laugh and make a good day of today lol.
Thanks for your attention!