Tattoos Vs Parents

Prejudice is based on a lack of proper information. They may not realize that most artists are trained extensively on safe handling and disposal of equipment, or that everything is meticulously sterilized. And they're probably never going to know these things without your help. Do research on the procedure you're wanting done. Present your parents with an essay or information based on solid facts. Show them that you understand their concerns and attempt to do what it takes to allay their fears. Ask them if they would be willing to take you around to some of the local studios, just to look. And if they do, don't start begging once you get them in the door, or you will lose all credibility. Remain calm, look around and let your parents see for themselves. Then when you get home, you can discuss it.

Try to understand - Your parents were born in different era
They were raised during a time when tattoos and piercings were almost exclusively seen on criminals, gang members and bikers. These people didn't get tattooed or pierced because they appreciated the beauty of the art - they got them to look rebellious.

Many tattoos were done in prison cells or seedy parlors with no thought to safety or sterility. And you are like a precious gem to them - unscathed and innocent. The last thing they want to do is allow you to be put in harm's way. I know it's difficult to understand now, but it really is out of love that they hold you back.

Make sure that you really want a tattoo
If you want a tattoo or piercing, you'd better be prepared to have a better reason than that for wanting it. Even piercings are more permanent than they seem, because once the jewelry is removed, you'll always have a small mark or scar. This is not like choosing a new style of hair or clothing - even hair grows back. But a tattoo or piercing is something that, in one way or another, you will be stuck with for life. If you just want one now because it's cool, that's not going to sustain you when you're old.

While you turn 18
If your still a minor and your parents hate tattoos, that doesn't mean that the whole world is gone. Settle down, concentrate on the really important things in life like getting a good education and becoming a responsible adult. Try to accept "no" as an answer, you never know - your parents may even gain a new respect for you and eventually change their decision. Until you turn 18 you have time to decide what to tattoo and get informed for all the things about the tattoo process.