Tattoos & Prejudices - how do you react?

Hello guys!
Today we're going to talk about something that really makes me angry and even amazed - that awkward moment when I see someone walking next to my tattooed body and just staring like a freak. I mean come on? Am I that weird to you? Or what? It's not something that is so offensive but It just doesn't feel good. Generally, I really don't give a damn what people thinks of me, especially how I look like. Come on, since when the physical appearance makes a person a good person or a bad one? How a "good" person should look like? Lol!!!  Five years ago, I choose to be the way I'm and I love it. I love my fully tattooed arms, I love my tattoos - they are my stories, my life! So I don't regret anything.

Sometimes, I even laugh when I see how people (especially older) react on my appearance. Some of them are coming next to me and just asking me "Hey is that real tattoo?"; "Was It painful?" ; "What your parents and family said about that?, "Aren't they mad?" ; " Aren't you scared that you won't get a job?" Damn! It's even funnier when I go to the mall with friends who also have some tattoos and just see how people stare at us like we're some junkies, or dudes who just get out from prison. lol We usually laugh.

Okay I get it, they were raised during a time when tattoos and piercings were almost exclusively seen on criminals, gang members and bikers. These people didn't get tattooed or pierced because they appreciated the beauty of the art - they got them to look rebellious. Many tattoos were done in prison cells or seedy parlors with no thought to safety or sterility.

But, hey that time is PAST?! Is it? Some people say that we live in a modern society, I'm like "Really?"


I still keep seeing people judging other people by the way they look like. So silly and stupid! There are prejudices everywhere!
Gotta be honest, I can totally understand people who doesn't like tattoos! People who doesn't have any tattoos. That's okay! We're different individuals with specific personalities. I'm not saying that they have missed something in their lives, so they don't have tattoos - I just accept and respect a difference! Lol

And I just ask myself:
Why people can't accept a difference? Is it really hard, or we totally rely on and only on our opinion? Is that egoistic?

Yup, these questions are constantly in my mind.

What do you guys think? How do you feel about the "bad" and weird starings? Do you mind when someone judge you, or you simply don't care?

Let me know, what are your thoughts. I would love to read your comments and just make a point of it, or simply just to laugh and make a good day of today lol.
Thanks for your attention!