Your Tattoo - Your Style | How to choose a tattoo design?

 Tattoos has made their "Renaissance" in the last decade. People are tattooing their bodies at a growing rate, there are new wonderful tattoo supplies, new after care treatments... Even fashion can be proud with the tattoo clothing lines. Seems like everything is changed in a positive way. Tattoos are good way of self expression, that makes them super popular and even more respected. There are a lot of tattoo styles, designs, colors, shapes etc etc.

When it comes to choosing a design for your first tattoo:

1. Be unique - Be you!
Don't just go to a shop and pick the first design you find interesting. The tattoo magazines often contain full-color photos of tattoo models, tattoos by respected and great artists, flash sets etc. Look for designs in magazines, books, posters, stickers, and everything else you can come across.

2. Visit tattoo studios in your area and look at the designs and photo displays on the wall, and their portfolios. It's nice to ask them for an advice about the placemen of the tattoo, the style, the colors, but don't get limited.

3.Tattoos are not fashion victims, so forget about the mainstream trends. Follow your imagination, after all it's about your tattoo, right?

4. Ask for suggestions: Your friends are the best choice, instead your artist. Ask them about their experience, about their choices... You don't have to draw the image yourself, but express your true feeling to the tattoo artists and listen to their suggestions. Decide whether you want your tattoo in black and gray, or full color. It won't make a big difference technically, but it might be different for the meaning of the tattoo...

5. Don't copy someone's tattoo
Your tattoo should be your life mark. All of us have different stories, memories to keep. Jump in your own world and ask yourself about what you want to remember for the rest of your life.

If you are searching for bio mechanical or Japanese sleeve but you don't know how to draw your image, or you are still in the struggle of finding the exact motive, the flash galleries are the best choice. There are a lot of creative people working on tattoo flash art. Their drawings are so inspiring and they are helping us to decide about our very firs tattoo or just another one for our tattoo collection.

6. Try to design your own tattoo
Get inspired! Look around the internet, books, magazines etc. Draw it, use some software if needed, make your own creation. If you don't know how to draw your design, there are a lot of tutorials on the internet that might help you. Even if you think your sketch is not to good, it might help your artist as a basic idea.