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Mike Carparelli & David Vicente,
Welcome to Carparelli Guitars & Rock'n'roll for life !!!

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Carparelli Guitars has been involved in bringing quality instruments to the guitar buying public for nearly a decade. Servicing dedicated customers worldwide, we are involved in every aspect of the guitar business including: design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and retail of guitars and guitar related products. Our goal is to become more than just a guitar company. Carparelli will become a lifestyle. We invite you to be part of that. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate player or touring pro, we have the right guitar for your sound, image and individual style. It really is a simple formula, more instrument at a better price. Carparelli is dedicated to providing you with the World's best guitar value. By focusing on your complete satisfaction we count on your next guitar being a Carparelli. Experience our complete product lineup. Whether your thing is Blues, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Folk or Rock, whether you're a righty or lefty, you won't find a better selection anywhere. Carparelli, the finest guitars on the planet, the one you can't put down.

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