INTERVIEW WITH Herr Von Bias - HRVB | graffiti & digital art  11/06/2012

Hello Herr! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us little about yourself, and how you got into graffiti...

Q: What made you to become an artist?
A: I didn't decide consciously on becoming an artist. Like nearly every kid in Berlin, I came in contact with graffiti in the mid 90's. Over the years my style has shaped and I've created my very own world of expression.

Q: What kind of art interested you at the time?
A: There is no kind of art I'm exclusively interested in. Indeed, emphasize is on character design and illustration. but you find good ideas everywhere, no matter fine art, urban art or tattoo art.


Q: Do you have any role models, people you admire?
A: I cannot say this! I care more about the work than the person. This is because in my opinion the work doesn't fully represent the person behind the artist.

Q: Many interesting characters, many colorful 3D compositions... How would you describe your style?
A: My style is very detailed, an interplay of shape, color, light and shadow, with a leaning towards grotesqueness.



Q: There are many different mediums you work on, from digital artworks to graffiti, what is your favorite one?
A: There is no preferred medium. Depending on mood, weather and time I choose brushes, spray cans or my wacom.

Q: How do you get inspired?
A: The source of inspiration is everywhere. Mainly, I get inspired by nature, a treasure chest filled with shapes, colors and the moving patterns of light and shadow.



Q: How much time was necessary to learn the process?
A: Hard to say. My first efforts on graffiti date back 17 years...and since there it has been a gradual process.

Q: How you usually develop your basic ideas to the final one? Do you use a sketchbook?
A: There is no algorithm. Every time it happens in a different way. For some pieces, in the beginning I just got the shape straight and later the real idea evolved out of it. With other pieces, in the beginning there was an idea out of which compositions of shapes and colors evolved over time. I tried to use a sketchbook. Unfortunately, I always forget and don't leave it with me when I would like to draw something. At the end, my sketches are scattered over many chaotically arranged sheets of paper.






Q: Being a graffiti artist must be fun. Have you ever worked in a team with a bunch of other artists?
A: I'm part of the Weird-Gang. Together with these guys several nice walls already arose. These year we go on tour through Europe together. Surely, we will paint some great productions.

Q: What role “tagging” plays in street art?
A: Tagging is an art of it's own. Unfortunately, this part of urban art isn't respected at a level it is deserving of. Tags are marks of
subversion and life in a city.


Q: Talking about the popular culture... Do you think graffiti is mainstream?
A: Graffiti was already mainstream 17years ago, when I started with it. Of course, again and again there are peak stages. But since Graffiti is violating one of the basic rules in our Western civilization, namely property rights, it will never be accepted generally within society...and that's a good thing! ;)

Q: What are your feelings about the graffiti scene at present and the transitions in styles you must have seen since you began writing?
A: At the moment there is a real style explosion in graffiti arts, especially in character writing. I enjoy watching this and being part of it.

 Q: You've been working on many cool interior designs. Awesome! Is that a great challenge?
A: Doesn't matter where I paint my things. If I like the environment and I'm in tune with the client, all is possible.

Q: Any interesting stories with the customers you might want to share with us?
A: hehe...there are some funny stories I could tell you...but it's too private. ;)

Q: Illustrations are your second passion. Do you work as a graphic designer?
A: I'm a freelance illustrator and graffiti artist. So I did a lot of commissioned work. It would be nice to do only free stuff but at the end of the month you have to pay your bills.


Q: Do you still enjoy painting as much now, or do you feel jaded at all, do you still have the enthusiasm?
A: It depends on my mood. There are times in which I don't like to paint and sketch. But after some weeks my head is full of weird thoughts and I have to bring them on paper and walls.

Q: Since your style is well-defined, have you ever thought to change it and start doing something completely different?
A: I often try to do something new. The stuff I don't publish finally influences the style you can see. There is a continuous progress in my work.

Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: To take time and always ask about the "why". A piece is never just stop working on it.

Q: What's your best motivational lesson for the new artists?
A: Do what you like and don't allow any interference. Stay nosey and keep on practicing...

Q: What are your feature plans? Please feel free to share your work info.
A: It's summer. So several big walls are pending and furthermore the tor with the "weird-gang".