interview with tattoo artist Lukasz Smyku

   Hello Lukasz Smyku! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. It really means a lot having you here. Please start by telling us something about yourself and your beginnings. I My adventure with tattooing began in 2005. But every day real work started when I opened my studio Dead Body Tattoo in 2009.

Q: Tell me about the creative process.
A: Very often I create the whole idea in my head. To do the projects I'm using a lot of of photography methods. I'm connecting, changing them, redrawing and adding my own elements.

Q: How would you call your style?
A: I would describe it as horror fantasy, mostly because of the color I'm using, they are not much used in horror style. Bright orange and yellow with good contrasts all this to make the tattoo more vibrant in the long run.

Q: How important is to experiment with new styles and techniques in order to grow artistically?
A: In my opinion before you find your style is good to experiment, because every new thing is giving us more skills, getting a different view on tattoo art is the most important thing.

Q: Would you try working on something completely different?
A: For a very long time I was looking for something that will give me full satisfaction. On this day is horror fantasy, which I do. I feel really good in it and it gives me that satisfaction so I will not change it.

Q: Tattooing is a technique that needs to be learned. No matter how good your drawing skills are, still working on skin is a different thing. I bet many people don't realize this and jump right away on eBay to buy a tattoo "equipment"  Your thoughts?
A: The most important thing is to work hard regularly. You will not become a good tattoo artist if you do one tattoo weekly. Only stubbornness and self critical point of view on the work you did will allow you to get better. Very important as well is having an artistic background.

Q: Did you face any difficulties when you were starting?
A: When you start you will find lots of difficulties. All this will make you a better tattoo artist, but all depends on how you will fix the mistakes. Spending a lot of time on composition of your tattoos and how they are done from a technical aspect is a must.

Q: You own "Dead Body Tattoo" in beautiful Poland. Working with Alan Balcerak. Do you support each other when it comes to tattoo ideas etc?
A: When I opened my studio in 2009 I was thinking how nice would be work with someone. But unfortunately the studio was too small. When I changed the location, my idea about another artist came back. For this moment in our team there are 3 tattoo artists. Alan Balcerak, Izabela Emert and me. Everyone works in different style which makes Dead Body Tattoo a place where everyone will find something for themselves.

Q: You also travel a lot. Visiting events like tattoo conventions and seminars, I believe it can be a great way to meet new people, but also have fun and get inspired. Congratulations on the many awards you got, absolutely deserved. Do you have any favorite moment that you see as a career highlight?
A: Thank you very much for the nice words. This year is for me was very busy. It's giving me unbelievable energy to work and self improve. I love those trips because you meet a lot of awesome people, fascinated with this form of art. One of the most important points of my career was the motivation from Tomasz Tofi Torfinski which got me in many reflections about tattooing. The whole idea of creating something more then just another tattoo. As well a lot of great conversations and very helpful tips I got from many other artists.

Q: I'm happy to see you working together with artists like Tofi. Tell me more about this collaboration.
A: I had a conversation with Tofi. After it gave me a big kick to work, conversations with Tofi are very great because he never say anything in easy way. That's why we have to analyze and interpreted. For me he is a big authority. He is still respected after so many years and he work with the same passion.

Q: Any dream piece?
A: I have many. I'm designing new ones for the new clients so we have something for everyone.

Q: Your plans for the near feature?
A: I would like to travel in Asia and USA. I like to visit and se different countries, learning some about the culture and try traditional food. It give me lots of satisfaction when I can present my style worldwide.