interview with Olivia Rose | art style | painted dark canvas  01/10/2013

Q: Who was the most inspiring person for you at the beginning? Do you have any influences?
A: I always say this but I feel that my mother has always been my biggest inspiration, its because of her that I even started drawing in the first place. Artistic influences would probably have to be Giger. I'm a huge fan of his work. I don't really take inspiration from his style of painting, its more that he inspires me as a person/artist and shows me what can be achieved through hard work and creativity.

Q: Art is your first love? Would you say that art is a form of self expression?
A: Art will always be my first love, I have no idea where I would be without it! Part of me feels its a form of self expression but not that much thought goes into it. All my pieces are very subconsciously drawn. I never plan a piece, I just go with the flow and let my hand do all the work.

Q: How has your style developed?
A: If anything over the years my style has become a lot more refined. Its taken me years to figure out what materials and paper I enjoy using to create my pieces.

Q: Talking about your style... I find it very expressive and unique! Seems like you are very inspired by the female nature, are you? What type of women are your bigest inspiration?
A: First of all thank you aha, every now and then I get the comment 'My friend draws like this' so its really nice to hear someone call my work unique! I absolutely love the female nature and just drawing women in general. If I'm honest I have no idea what type of women are my inspiration since all the girls I draw come from my imagination, If I was to describe the women that appears in my work Id say she is strong but with a sad history, she has a story to tell.

- Why not men? I think it would be nice if you do some versus version of female and male nature... :)
haha that's a tough one. In all honesty I just love the female form and enjoy drawing girls, I'm yet to explore expressing the male nature/mentality in my work. It really is something I've been wanting to do more of but just haven't gotten round to it. My sad eye'd girls occupy most of my brains space haha.

Q: Probably the most interesting details are the eyes in almost every creation. Why? Do you feel like there is enough place for symbolism, if so what would be the message?
A: Ahh the eyes! The eyes for me are key in all my pieces. I don't want to sound like a crazy person but I feel all my girls have a personality and a character that the audience connect with through the eyes. None of my pieces have hidden messages but I like to think people take away there own stories when they look at my work. Each piece is very open to interpretation.

Q: Some people might say that your style is dark, a bit controversial, how would you describe your style in a few words?
A: Its funny you say that! Everyone always say's my work is very dark or really sad. Its not deliberate aha they just come out that way. I'm not sure what words I would use to describe my style! That's a hard one.

Q: Philosophically and creativity, seems like you try to blur the boundaries between the popular media and your own perceptions. Have you ever connected yourself with some of your characters?
A: Since selling my pieces I've been hearing more and more comments about how my work looks like me. I guess subconsciously I have given my characters some of my features without realizing.

Q: "Silent Whispers" is your newest project, what was the basic idea?
A: Oh, Silent whispers was actually part of a university project. I studied animation and silent whispers was the name of the piece I worked on. I done a series of illustrations to accompany the animation. But overall the idea of 'silent whispers' was giving something back to nature and how as humans in the end we all go back to nature.

Wanna See The End?? Check


Q: What's next? Any feature plans? Maybe an exhibition?
A: For the time being ill most likely just continue working on personal pieces. I have a couple of ideas for potential exhibitions in the future but nothing has been set in stone :)

Q: To be a talented person must be a blast. Have you ever thought to make some changes in your style or start working on something completely different? Maybe change the art medium?
A: I've considered making a few changes in the way that I work. I'm really interested in starting to use different kinds of paints such as oil and acrylic. Id love to start working on some larger painted pieces.

Q: What would be the most rewarding aspect of your art?
A: Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the final piece of artwork sitting there in front of you :)

Q: As an artist, what are some of your greatest challenges or obstacles you face?
A: Aha well Id say one of the obstacles is what to do when you make a mistake. It can be easy to turn a mistake around but every now and then a piece can really be ruined by bad color choices or misusing materials.

Q: What keeps you creative?
A: A healthy and refreshed supply of copic markers ;)

Q: Any message for the new artists?
A: Draw as much as you can every day! Practice really does make perfect.

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Olivia Rose