The Art Of Quyen Dinh

Quyen Dinh was born in Vietnam in 1977 amidst social and political oppression. Being a part of the refugee boat people generation, Quyen and her family left Vietnam and eventually found a permanent home in the suburbs of Southern California in the early 1980's. Quyen started to show talent for creativity early on; however, without the necessary familial support growing up, she left art behind along with any kind of aspiration. It wasn't until 2004 when a simple painting created as a gift re-ignited her passion for art. Painting, she realized, quenched a thirst that no other work could. Since then, Quyen has returned to art with much vigor and has produced a collection of paintings heavily influenced by tattoo art and popular culture. Today, she works out of her home in Orange County, California.

Making art for me has always been pure catharsis. It is something I can rely on to escape life's monotonous obligations. It's an unexplainable urge to create and without it, I'd feel bitter and cheated. Being self-taught, every painting is always a new lesson and an opportunity to hone and improve on technique and create a style I can call my own.

Since art is a cathartic process for me, it comes from a very personal place. The characters in my paintings are, for the most part, self-portraits of my inner self. So when people see my work, rather than wanting them to think about them, I want them to just feel...feel the very things that bring me nostalgia from what could be memories of past lives, things that give me peace, and the things that make me melancholy. I strive to make art that speaks to the more primordial senses in people. Ultimately, art provides me with an incredibly accessible vehicle for self-expression and, for that, I am forever grateful.