Hello Tattoo Artists! We want to help you with your tattoo guest spot or tattoo apprenticeship, simply by giving you free marketing space on our website. We don't post any kind of conditions, as we want to make this project more transparent for all, which means anyone can post their details on this page.

Please feel free to write down your details, such as:

Tattoo Artists Who Want To Find a Tattoo Shop
- Name/Last Name
- Where do you live
- Where do you want to find a shop
- Work experience (years/your specialty, style etc)
- Portfolio Link (website/online profile)
- Contact info (email/phone number)

NOTE: Don't post photos of your works here, post link of your profile/website.

Tattoo Artists Who Own a Tattoo Shop
- Name/Last Name
- Studio Location (Short Info)
- How many artists do you need
- How long do you offer a tattoo guest spot/apprentice
- Do you need style specialized artist
- Contact info (website/email/phone number)

What's the basic idea of our project?
We want to make our website a more friendly place for everyone.
We'll try to help you in getting noticed.
We'll constantly re-sharing your info on our Official Fan Page on Facebook.
We're open for any suggestions from your side.