A team of tattooed artists with background in fine art and graphic design. We started our journey on 3 September 2007. Back then, the tattoo scene was very different so we had to find ways to promote our idea, bring the best people together and enjoy the art. Today, Skin Artists Magazine is one of the most relevant tattoo magazines with global recognition.

We are dedicated to promoting the best tattoo artists in the world and show our audience that tattoos are no longer a simple design from a catalogue, but a true art. We also want to work with digital artists who design interesting tattoo graphics and clothing lines. Tattoo artists and tattoo fans are our biggest audience but we are always happy to work with graffiti artists, body art painters and skateboard designers. Tattooed models and photographers are also welcome. You don't have to be a "rockstar" to be part of our magazine, a good portfolio is enough, let's connect and work together.

We are honored that we've got your support, and will continue to keep our magazine running for as long as there are many tattoo lovers out there.




Promotional Interviews
That is a 10 questions interview, we will ask you about your beginnings, your background, your style and your studio. Our goal is to promote you in the best way we can.

Digital Art and Design Promotion
Graphic designers and digital artists, we are happy to work with you. Our tattoo magazine covers digital art since the early days. We can do an interview with you or post your videos in our Design section where we feature digital art.

Video and Audio Promotion
Are you a video creator? Do you create interesting videos that feature tattoo graphics and animations? We would like to feature your work on our Get Inspired section.

Body Art and Make Up Art
We love creative people like you. Body art is so much more advanced and of quality that we think most of you should be in the movie industry. We feature body painters on our Get Inspired section, so if you are interested email us.

Tattoo Convention Coverage

If you organize a tattoo convetion we can offer you a full event coverage, video and interviews. This will need a further planning so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Clothing Companies
The alternative, street fashion is very popular nowadays, so we would like to work with brands that feature interesting tattoo, inspired designs. We offer a banner (that will be linked with your website) on our website.

Tattoo Aftercare Companies
Every tattoo in order to heal properly needs a good aftercare treatment, a good body ointment or a cream. There are many professional products in the market. We have to choose only the best ones for our audience. We offer a banner (that will be linked with your website) on our website.

Tattoo Equipment Companies
Professional tattoo equipment is crucial, there are many tattoo "brands" on the internet. But we only want to work with the well known brands. We offer a banner (that will be linked with your website) on our website.

Piercing Jewelry Companies
The good quality is something we value the most, although we won't mind good looking jewelry in all shapes, colors and sizes. So don't hesitate to contact us if you own a body piercing jewerly brand. We can offer you a banner (that will be linked with your website) on our website.

Skateboarding Brands - We love skateboarding! We would be happy to work with companies that design skate decks, but indipendent artists are also welcome.

Tattoo Studio Feature - Do you want your studio to be featured on our website? We would like to feature professional studios around the world. The resident artists who work there and the guest artists. Our goal is to have great studios and artists we can recommend to our audience.

Being featured on our website gets you expousure, new contacts and new business opportunities.

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