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>> TATTOO GUEST SPOT/APPRENTICESHIP: Dear Tattoo & Piercing Artists - We want to help you with your tattoo apprenticeship, or tattoo guest spot.  So anyone who wants/is interested to give a try and find a local shop who gives some free ideas/conditions for a tattoo apprenticeship/guest spot, please feel free to write down your details.

PS. Tattoo shop owners are also welcome for offering conditions and sharing info, so maybe we can work this out together.
Posting info/details on our Fan Page will help a lot, so don't hesitate to post your links, some photos etc.

>> Tattoo/Piercing Artists, Street Performers, Graphic Designers, Clothing Designers, Skate Designers etc. Feel free to send your details at and get your feature on our website! You don't have to be on the cover of magazines, you just got to be honest & tell your story! We're looking forward to hear from you!

>> Tattoo & Piercing Discussion Board: Do you have a problem with your new tattoo/piercing? Feel free to ask a question on our tattoo advice board, or post a question on our piercing discussion board. We would love to help you. Thanks!

>>  Any make up artists on this page? Please feel free to write on our email - We're working on a new project for our website, promoting make up. Your emails are what we need now! Thanks!

>> We're planning to feature graphic designers more often, the reason is.. well, lots of people don't go on to get their ideas for a simple butterfly tattoo, they go on design sites and pick a nice image of a designer, something that's cool and unique!

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>> "Street Art" is a new section where we want to promote graffiti art, skate designers, music and street performers. So we want to let you know that we would gladly collaborate with any of you interested in working with us. Feel free to contact us.