Interview with Darwin Enriquez | Valencia, Carabobo  20/02/2012

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: It was the day that tattooing became a part of my life, it happens without us realizing it the art becomes a passion and a lifestyle.

Q: Tattoo art requires dedication. How much time took you to learn tattooing?
A: You don't realize the moment but once you look at it as a career and start to understand and study your art that's when you become an artist.

Q: What kind of art interested you at the time?
A: Lately I find myself attracted by simple drawings. I'm also attracted to realism because it allows you to show things it a true form. I find that most artists are attracted to the new form of art but find themselves looking into a more traditional style.

Q: Any influences, like painters, musicians?
A: At first I found myself admiring others artworks but now I find myself trying to learn as much as I can by looking into new techniques as apposed to taking on someone's style. Art is a part of society, it influences everything we do, we all want to collect art but some of us choose to collect it on the skin.

Q: What is your favorite tattoo style?
A: Looking for a style has lead me to experiment with various different styles. I have always found myself attracted to realism but I also like other styles as well. I like to be creative and resolve problems, to make a tattoo flow as smooth as possible. We all know tattoos are permanent our technique should be as flawless as possible. I feel that threw Japanese art and old school we manage to learn how to create the permanence of a solid color.

Q: Seems like all of your works are custom. We can see a lot of fantasy motives in every tattoo. Do you collaborate with your clients while the session? What's the inspiration?
A: I think its a connection between the information provide by the client and what that there personality can inspire, I get most of my ideas at moment notice, it just comes to me and I see the image in my head and start to translate it onto the skin. I like to freehand most the time because I find that allows my ideas to flow and translate smoothly onto skin.

Q: Your color work is really impressive. What ink do you use, what is the secret?
A: Thank you... I always tell my clients that there is a principal figure which is the first plane. I also explain that the background of a tattoo is there to exenterate the primary focal point pop out even more. Many clients ask me what colors going certain parts of the tattoo but my answer is always the same I will know as soon as I get to it.

Q: I suppose you consider your job as a challenge and a great journey. What keeps you motivated?
A: I always say that my competition is with myself and I always feel I can better myself.

Q: The clients could be crazy, weird, amazed when they came into your studio. What was the crazies reaction from a client ever? Hm any memories to share whit us?
A: As a tattoo artists we turn a psychologist all our clients have a story or motive that should be analyzed and much more when you don't use flash or design.

Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned?
A: I have learn that nothing can be improvised and easy even if it seems that way.

Q: Do you have any advice for the new artists?
A: Discipline and passion for what we do is the most important aspect, when we show this without it being said is when we are on the right path.
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