exclusive interview with ivi | tattoo life story | modeling 06/01/2014

Q: How long are you into modeling?
A: I started modeling about 5, 1/2 years ago. I never planed to be a tattoo models, it just happened spontaneously.

Q: To be a successful model requires lots of stuff, perhaps, a gorgeous face, nice body and lots of time, nerves to get the name out? haha What's the secret? What was the hardest part in getting into the business?
A: The main reason is not to have the perfect body or the perfect face! The most important thing is your charisma! When your eyes are not smiling, you can still have the perfect body, but the pictures won't smile, I think you get my point. The hardest part is to get professional photographers interested in working with you, but nowadays it's not a problem. ;)

At some point a photographer asked me once if I would like to do a couple of pictures with her, for her photo studio, because I was sooo nice. hahaha Why not I thought, and I got prepared in my perfect pin-up style. I wanted to implement, like I'm in my normal life too, A rock n' roll Pin up girl;) After a day of shooting I brought my husband the cd with the pics home and he said to each image crap, crap, crap. Not because I was looking so bad, but because the photographer was a big no. So I started to cry and promptly I got for Christmas a present from him: a professional photo shooting with photographer Michaell Zargarinejad.
People like Nina Hagen, Unter Ulmen, Stefanie Heinzmann, DJ Otzi, etc are hospitable to him in front of the lens. Wow, what a feeling and what a great shoot that was. I sent the pictures just for fun to tattoo magazines and promptly I had in January 2009, my first cover. Then I decide to go ahead ;-)

Q: You look stunning. Nowadays we can see your beautiful face on the cover of lost of tattoo magazines, such as Skin Deep, Tetovani and many more. Do you have any favorite career achievement? Any favorite photographers?
A: Thank you sooo much. Uh its now 33 covers worldwide. I love them all. I had great experiences with great international photographers, from Isaac Madera, Christian Saint, over Michael Zagarinejad, Pauls Stevens and many many more. But I think one of the best was a shoot for German television in New York with River Clark for a big jeweler company. I mean, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt, Tokio, Paris... I did photo shoots almost on every country now. I love it, and I am so thankful for that.

- What would be the "dream" project you want to work on?
Ellen von Unwerth... but that's just a dream ;)

Q: I have to mention the "Medvedef" vodka bottle. WOW! haha So cool. Tell me about this collaboration. Beautiful girl and great drink goes always together haha!
A: Hahahaha... It's one of my greatest publication, is a Vodka brand, having me on the front cover of the bottle. Great artists worked For Medwedeff before, like Angelina Jolie etc. I won the Pin up contest for Switzerland and now I'm the only Pin up which is on the Cover of the Vodka bottle. It's big honor for me.

Q: I bet, you meet lots of interesting people working as a model. Have you ever thought to start working on something else? At least quite different than modeling, let's say a stylist, make up artist?
A: I organize sometimes Events for girls who want to have some nice pics of themselves, so I'm the stylist for them or teach them poses and so on, that’s fun.

- Is modeling a full-time job now?
Noooo, I own together with my husband a tattoo and piercing shop in the beautiful mountains in Switzerland since 2008. I'm doing piercings, tattoo removal with laser and I'm also the shop Manager. Living from it, is quite difficult here in Europe.

Q: I love the fact that you look different on every photo-shoot. From pin up, to glamour and gothic style. I love it! Is there any favorite style? What's your casual style when you have a day off?
A: Pin up photography is and will always be my first love, but I love trying out all kinds photography. From trash all the way to high fashion and special theme shoots are always a lot of fun. It's fun to see how different I look in a lot of the pictures I've done so far. Photographers tell me that I'm so many-sided and they are always happy to work with me. So yeah, more crazy ideas, I'm up for it. mhhhhh... ;) but I can't say, I love this style more then the other. I'm what I'm Monday cute, Tuesday bad lol. Just a girl that loves glamour. I love everything from the 50ties and shoes and lipstick and and and... When I have a day off, I usually wear comfortable clothes, like hats and baggy jeans.

Q: What are the most interesting experiences happened on a photo-shoot?
A: To see how different people are working. I love it to meet new people, artists, make up artists and locations. That’s always fun.

Q: You and your husband Herke Kraneborg own "The Flying Dutchmen" tattoo & piercing studio in Switzerland. Your husband is working as a tattoo artist? For how long?
A: Yes, he does the tattoos, he's working as a tattoo artist for 11 years now.

Q: Herke is the Dutchmen we have heard.
A: Yup from Groningen, north of Holland.

Q: Was it difficult to start running a shop in Switzerland?.
A: Yes it was in the beginning, it's a natural Mountain area, you have to work so hard for a good name, that's what we did for 3 years, no holidays nothing luxurious and so on.

Q: Any special style there?
A: We are specialize in Japanese stuff, new school, black and grey, but we also have specialist guest artist for almost every style.

Q: What's the next challenge when it comes to modeling?
A: I'm not sure honestly... I don’t have any challenges, but they told me, they wanna do a tv show again with me :) Will see.

Q: What's the best modeling memory, coming on your mind? What's like an inspiration, a progress idea, especially when you're up to new important projects?
A: A shoot in New York in front of the skyline, for my own pin up collection. That was fun!!

Q: Any tips for the girls that are just starting out?
A: Be true, be yourself! DON’T COPY SOMEONE!!

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