exclusive interview with Lexy Hell  | tattoo life | modeling 23/12/2013

Hello Lexy Hell! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.
Please start by telling us something about yourself and how you got into modeling?

I'm 27 years old, I live now for 6 years in Berlin. I was born in Austria and lived and worked there till I was 21. I was always interested in art and I loved to draw the walls in my room when I was really young. I loved to use my mom's make up. She was not really happy about it, and with 16 I couldn't wait any longer and I got my first tattoo, a sun on my back. From now on I go every month to get a tattoo.  When I was 19 I went to a tattoo convention for the first time and a photographer did a photo of me and 2 months later I was on a cover of a tattoo magazine and this is how it started. After this cover I got some mails from other photographers and I did more shoots. When I moved to Berlin I got the first contract with a model agency and I think I was at the right time on the right place:)

Q: Who is the person you are most grateful when it comes inspiration?
A: There is no special person when it comes to inspiration. Sometimes I see some cool looks in fashion magazines and I think this is something I can try, or it will fit me, but the rest is how I feel and who I am. But if I should give you a name, then is it Gwen Stefani, she is really beautiful, her make-up, her hair, the whole style, she looks always perfect :)

Q: To be a successful person, you gotta be passionate and dedicated. What kept you motivated when you were starting?
A: Good question :) I think my friends, they kept me motivated and the idea that I really wanted this and I knew that I can do this. You have to believe in yourself, that's the hardest part. It's still not easy at all, there're rents to pay, when I think about a normal job.

Q: Modeling is now your full time job?
A: Definitely. I live from my modeling jobs, but I know this works just for 5-6 more years, and this is why I work on some new projects and ideas for the future:)

Q: It's probably impossible to not mention something about your crazy hair styles. WOW! How did you achieve that look? Do you work with a stylist?
A: Thank you:). For the shootings and when I have some jobs I have always somebody who does my hair and make-up, but I have to say, I'm not easy when somebody else do my make-up and hair. When it is not that perfect and I see that one eyebrow is longer than the second one, it stresses me so much, I like perfection and I do it on my own some days, trying something new haha:)

Q: Probably the most feminine note in your gorgeous look are the eyes, and then the beautiful body combined with an excellent tattoo collection. Guide me a bit into your inked madness.
A: My eyes are the part of me I like the most:) the rest is ok. I'm not too skinny and not too curvy, this is the best part of being not a "typical" fashion model, I can eat and have no size zero:)

- Do you have any "clean" skin left, ready to be inked? haha
I have a lot of free skin:) Always... When I look at my body I just see the free skin and then I see a photo of me and I think "ok, I'm really heavily tattooed, haha" I still have to finish my stomach and my legs and at the end I have to tattoo the rest of my neck and then I'm finished. But at the moment I do nothing, my body needs a break, but I'm 27 years now, I have enough time to finish the rest;)

Q: How people react when they see you for the first time? Especially people who don't have any tattoos.
A: Most of the people are really nice, they ask me why I do this and that they like it and they think I'm a strong woman that I can take all this pain. Many people think that I'm into pain, and I'm a aggressive, loud party girl, and I have no job, and then they talk a bit to me and they get to know me and they say "wow, you are totally different that I thought you are, you are so nice and normal",
but there are also some idiots who don't like the tattoos and they say bad words to you, but fuck them, it's my life and I do what makes me happy!

Q: Talking about the "outside" beauty... What details are most important in order to achieve a sexy look?
A: I think it's individual. For me, the make up, the lips and the eyebrows are most important. I like big eyebrows and red lips are also sexy. You can wear short dress or a jeans and when you feel good and you like your look then you are sexy;)

Q: Any natural beauty tricks you have? (share some secrets with us) hah
A: There is no secret, I'm sorry. It's all about good make-up, haha:)

Q: Probably the best career achievement is you collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier on the Paris Fashion Week-Spring/Summer 2012 WOW!! Really fascinating. Tell me more. What was the feeling working with a superstar designer like Jean Paul Gaultier?
A: This was the best time of my life and of course in my career. I was always into the fashion scene and wanted to work with all the big names and don't be always the tattoo model, I want to be a tattooed fashion model. When he asked me to work for him I thought it is a fake, haha, I couldn't believe that he really asked me to work for him. But my dream came really true. One week later I was in Paris and stand in front of Gaultier in his office. He was so nice and we talked a bit and then we did a small fitting. I was so afraid that I'm to fat for his clothes, haha, but I wasn't, everything fits, yes:)!

- What was your part of the fashion show?
I was a normal model like all the other models. I was 2 times on the catwalk. Of course I was booked because it's good for the press, every tv station filmed me, all the magazines and newspapers printed photos of me, but Gaultier gave me the feeling that this was the reason for him. He invited me a second time to Paris and I had a really great time with him.

Q: Do you think that nowadays, tattoos got their own beautiful presentation, since we've got so many tv show and fashion styles?
A: Yes! Since "Miami Ink" it is so trendy to get tattooed, and it's now normal to be tattooed. This is cool, but I also think there now many young people who get tattooed because it's so cool and they think they can earn now a lot of money with it, but not that easy.

Q: When Jean Paul Gaultier loves you, the gates of fashion are open! haha What modeling projects do you have coming up?
A: Jean Paul Gaultier was a good start, but it's still not that easy to be in this business, in the real fashion buisness.
I had a great shoot with Steven Jones, the Hat designer of Dior, Lady Gaga and so on... and the Berlin fashion week starts in 3 weeks and I will do some castings. My biggest project at the moment is to publish my own book. It will be out next April.

Q: Keeping up a busy schedule, must be hard at times, would you say that it gives you even more adrenaline and a progress juice for something new?
A: Sometimes is really hard, because I travel a lot and I don't have too much time for my friends. But this is how it works and I like it. I need to be busy and to be stressed, that makes me at the end of the day happy and of course because I know that people like the work I do. The best motivation is that I know people wanna see more of me and they book only for me a flight to a other city/country, how can I be not happy about this fact. and its important to take some days off and go on holiday without handy and macbook:)

Q: Any tips for the models that are just starting out their career?
A: Don't do this because you wanna earn just money and you think its so easy to do some shootings and you don't need to work. This is not how it goes and works. It's a hard business and hard work! It's not about being just tattooed. You have to be professional, be good in front of the camera, showing emotions, and working sometimes 12hours a day!
And for the girls who really wanna do this, it's important to get good photos, you need a good portfolio, with different styles. And please don't do nude shootings! It's more interesting when you ware beautiful dresses! Believe in you!

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