interview with Makani Terror | tattoo life & modeling 09/12/2013

Hello Makani Terror! First of all, it's a great honor to have the chance to share some of my thoughts with you! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. You're probably the most remarkable person in the tattoo industry, having that amazing body and incredible beauty...

Q: What made you to become a model?
A: Somebody ask me at a tattoo convention to make some photos for a magazine. And wow, so I got from my first photo shoot ever a cover on this magazine. So it started in 2004, people came and ask me to shoot.

- How did you get the nickname?
– My name is Hawaiian and means wind, makani=wind. And Terror was my favorite music band 10 years ago. So I mix it & it sounded cool :))

Q: Who was the most inspiring person that helped you to get into the business? Did you believe that one day you will be famous?
A: I had never somebody who helped me, it was my own hard work :)), but I had never thought to get that famous. This is sooo amazing, thanks to my fans!

Q: Any hard times while you were starting out?
A: No, I never planed to be a model or to get famous and earn money with it so I had no stress. I worked 10 years ago as a body piercer and made my shoots.

Q: Now, you're one of the most remarkable tattoo models out there. Would you say that modeling is your full-time job?
A: Thank you so much for your words. That means a lot to me. Yes now the Tattoo modeling is my full time job and I earn money with it. But this took a long time, you need to be really good to get money for it. So I worked really hard!!

Q: You want to experiment with different styles of photography, clothing etc. Do you have any favorite fashion style?
A: No, not really, I love to be different. I really love high fashion because there is so much difference between me as a girl with so many tattoos and the fashion scene. But I also love the tattoo styled designs, like Sullen clothing. This clothing line is absolutely my style, for 100 %.

Q: You look gorgeous! Probably the most feminine note in your look is your long dark hair and then, your curves combined with an excellent tattoo collection. How did you achieved that look, do you feel inspired by someone? Any beauty tricks? hah
A: haha oh my god. No, not really. I had long hair for all my life and I tried many styles and looks. And now I stopped at Sullen clothing and other lingerie lines like Purrfect Pineapples and Montserladies.

Q: What's the sexiest part you're most proud of, when it comes to your body line? (com'on don't be shy) haha!
A: Haha, nice question, mhh that's hard. Hahaha. I like my hair and my eyes. It's so mean to tell this about yourself. I don't want to sound smug :))

Q: Being a model, must be fun. What are the most interesting experiences happened on a photo-shoot?
A: I think the coolest thing ever was my magazine cover shoot with Rockstar Tommy Lee from Mötley CrÜe. It was really funny and exciting to meet a real star.

Q: Do you feel overwhelmed by the modern mainstream euphoria? What sets you apart from the other girls around?
A: Ohh I didn't know that I'm set apart from the others, haha, thank you so much. I don't know. I never look at the industry, I just make my thing. I stay myself and I really do my best at each shoot!

Q: Since you've been working on many different types of modeling projects, do you plan to work on something completely different? What's next?
A: I will be the featured model for some European conventions like Prague and Romania. I really love to travel around the world. I really hope to come in your town one day. I don't have any other plans, I will do a lot Fashion stuff but nothing so new!

Q: Any motivational words for the new models?
A: You need to build a really good sedcard at first, shoot for free with the really good photographers, do not upload bad pictures. It's better to have one really good shoot as 10 bad online. It could take some years to have the best look-book but that's life!

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