Interview with Adam Link Tattooer

   Hello Adam Link Tattooer! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. It really means a lot having you here. Please start by telling us something about yourself and your background. Do you have any formal art training or you are self taught artist? Getting into tattooing about 12,13 years ago was just by chance for me, the industry was very different. Basically a man called Dan Lake took pity on me as he could. I was a hard worker and just needed some direction, as I was getting involved in a lot of negative stuff.

Q: What type of art inspires you the most? Any favorite artists?
A: There are so many artists out there now and so much talent. I’m inspired all the time, especially at shows I see people coming up now that are so good, there’s so much knowledge out there now. I was doing full colour Neo trad but when I found abstract realism, I become I guess more invested In my work as it was just more me.

Q: Why tattoo realism? What do you like the most about this style?
A: I’m not sure why I like it so much, it’s just a great sense of achievement when I sit back and love what I did.

Q: There are also incredible back and sleeve tattoos in your portfolio. Honestly, how many sessions can take to finish a full back piece?
A: I tattoo really quickly, I’m not actually trying to, my head just moves fast. I try to slow down all the time.

Q: The portraits are amazing... I bet it takes some extra time to do these kinds of tattoos, simply because detailed precision and accuracy is the "bare minimum" here. What are the most challenging parts to work on while doing a portrait tattoo?
A: I’m not sure what I find the hardest about portraits but my favourite thing to tattoo are the noses haha

Q: Some have a very interesting background or some cool lettering and other decorative elements. Which makes it really unique and personalized. I love these! That 2Pac tattoo is awesome!! Tell me about the creative process. Do you draw some sketches before the session, do you suggest your clients some ideas so their tattoo will look more unique and interesting, even though it's still just a portrait tattoo?
A: I feel im always trying to build on the creative side, but I often like to keep my designs simple. I think my work looks the best when there’s less to it. So I love negative an bold letters.

Q: The American tattoo scene is huge and very diverse. I think it will be a great career highlight and a massive opportunity for any talented artist to try their luck there. If given a chance, would you consider it?
A: I would love to work in the USA. That’s one of my main goals in life.

Q: Tattoo conventions are a great way to meet new artists, see the world and learn. Any favorite places you've been and how much the recognition from the fellow artists means to you?
A: I love working at shows, I've been lucky to work all over. Belfast, London, Brighton, Leeds, Milano, Berlin, Rome, Switzerland, conthey Rotterdam... It’s been great I’ve met so many artists and I take a little bit away ever show.

Q: What do you like the most about being a tattoo artist?
A: I owe my whole life to tattooing, it found me and made me a better person. I owe every client on my way to where I am and every future client. I would be lost without it and I hope I will keep up on this journey with all the ups and downs and get to talk about it when I’m old and grey. Thanks to anyone that’s been a part of it, I really mean that.

Q: If you were starting today, fully knowing that the quality level of today's tattooing is no joke, what would you do differently?
A: The only thing I wish I did differently is to realise how precious and amazing was what I had at the very start. I feel like I waisted years of my career just not been fully invested, but I was young and I didn’t know the importance of just getting to be here and take part in life.

You can find Adam on Instagram:adamlinktattooer
Thank you Adam for the interview,
Kind Regards,
Fredrik Lindstrom