Interview with Adrian Cier | Realism Style | Germany | 02/02/2020


 Hello Adrian Cier! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself and what made you to become a tattoo artist.

I’m a Spanish tattoo artist, currently residing in Munich, Germany. I’m tattooing since 2010 and I’ve specialised in color realism. Since I was a child I wanted to become a tattoo artist - I started with having fake tattoos, you know the ones that you buy bubble gum and they contain sticker tattoos, all over my body.

Q: Was it hard to learn tattooing? Did you have any artistic background?
A: I wish I would’ve had an apprenticeship in a proper shop. As I was born in a small town, it was difficult to find a spot as an apprentice, as not many tattoo studios existed back then. Luckily, one of my best friends had the chance to learn from another artist and taught me the basics. I had been doing graffiti art since 2003/2004, from there on I studied graphic design, where I continued to concentrate on for a couple of years - but I think all my work that I do as of now has been inspired from the graffiti.

Q: Tell me more about your style and your inspiration.
A: My style was continuosly shaping throughout the years and will continue so, I don’t feel like I’ve reached my personal 100% in work. There’s still so much hard work to be done. All my surroundings inspire me, any artist, any technique. From graphic designers and comics to 3D and photographers. But if I'm about to mention a tattoo artist? It’s countless! That would be almost all the artists I’m following on Instagram.

Q: You do almost all kind of tattoos, do you have any favorite?
A: My preference is always full color realistic, but I do enjoy black and grey as well, it feels more relaxing - which doesn’t mean it’s easy at all.

Q: How much experimenting is important?
A: All your creativity is built by your own experiences, if you have a bad day, your art will flow to a different direction than it would usually. Most important is to learn the basics, proportions, lights/shadows, compositions, etc - then you start applying your own creativity, your own style.

Q: I love all of your tattoo works, but I must say, the portraits are my favorite. I love how you add a creative note in each design, wether is an interesting background, pattern, dot work or just a color mix, the final result looks impressive. How do you create your designs, do you usually prepare some sketches before session or the inspiration comes naturally while talking with the client?
A: Thank you so much! I really love talking with the customer and having a brainstorm together. Normally I wait until the customer finishes telling me everything they have in mind, to know which direction I should head to, then we can start brainstorming. I really like when customers participate in this process. That makes me feel closer to the final design and surprises the client in a really good way when I show them the result. The main design I prepare before, but all the cuts/watercolor/frames I do freehand so they fit with the anatomy of the client.

Q: How much the good communication with the clients is important? What's the best part of being a tattoo artist?
A: It’s the most important. The only moment when you don’t need it, is when they say: Do whatever your want. Pleasure for our ears. The best part is to have a tool combined with your passion to travel around the world and meet amazing people and cultures.

- Are you ok with them bringing a ready made design as a reference photo or you prefer a 100% unique design by you?
I always do 100% unique designs. If they bring their own design, there’s no possible way for me to get creative. We’re not printers. It has to be a really extraordinary situation, although even in that case I would add my own style.

Q: We live in a world where we are growing every day. Even tattoo art has its own Renaissance. I'm happy that I see many talented new artists every day and tattoos are no longer a taboo, we the magazines, social media and even tv shows are trying to get better in representing this beautiful art form. What would you recommend to us as a professional artist that we need to work harder? Would you change something about this industry?
A: I think we are heading towards a good direction, both the old and the new generations are getting a lot of information and being part of the culture. Less taboos in jobs and public services. Continue doing what you do, showing off new talents, people, shops, styles, etc… in the end it’s just education.

Q: A few words to say about your tattoo book?
A: Still not sure which direction I’m going, but I really enjoy each piece of work.

Q: Do you have any artists you look forward working with?
A: I have so many good artists in mind. But as for now I’m working hand in hand with Moriel Seror and it’s a huge opportunity for me to learn from him as an artist - and as a person.

Q: What would you say to someone who is planning to start tattooing? What is the best approach?
A: First: You are not gonna get rich from this. Second: PATIENCE. Learn as much as you can about basic concepts of art. Learn the technique and after find your own path. A predefined time for this doesn’t exist, just take as much time as you need to learn and grow.

Thank you,

Mr. Adrian Cier Thank you so much for the interview,
Take care and keep up the great work.