Interview with Aukex Tattooer | Style | Amsterdam | 15/01/2020


 Hello Aukex! Thanks so much for doing this interview with us. We really appreciate the time you took to answer our questions, we hope our readers will be inspired by your story...

Q: What made you to start tattooing? Was it hard to learn the basics skills?
A: Since I was a little kid I was busy with painting and drawing (landscapes and portraits). At one point my mom said I should make a living out of this so I bought a kit when I was 16 and started practicing on fake skin and myself at home. But I gave up because I was terrible at it. At the age of 23 I started practicing again and did not give up this time. I never had a teacher, I learned everything by myself by observing other artists work.

Q: What would you say to any beginning artist today? What type of approach they should have?
A: Keep drawing, make paintings, stay focused and work hard.

Q: How did you developed your style? Would you say that your tattoo style has strong personal ties to you? Tell me more about the making process.
A: I just do what I think it’s the best for a tattoo to stay beautiful for the longest time. So I use much black, high contrasts and great highlights. I make the design whereof I think it’s the most beautiful. Most of the time my clients agree with it and when they disagree, we will think for a solution.

Q: Color ink, sometimes... soon? I'm a huge fan of the work today but will you play with some color inks in the feature?
A: Color is not my thing. I like to see color tattoos by great artists, but I am specialized in black&gray and I would like to keep it that way.

Q: What is the most challenging part of doing black & white tattoos?
A: That the client can sit for 9 hours straight to finish the piece haha.

Q: Today is very easy to connect with many artists and visit tattoo related events like conventions, expos etc. How often do you go? What are some of the artists you look up to?
A: I have tattooed on several conventions and planning to do more. My favorite artist is Neon Judas, I love his style.

Q: Where are you located now? Please write down your studio location and contact info.
A: I work at Ink District based in Amsterdam.
Instagram: aukextattoer/

Q: What are some of your goals for the near future?
A: Getting better and better and keep improving my work and hope doing some guestspots at some great artists around the world.

Mr. Aukex Thank you so much for the interview,
Take care and keep up the great work.